Happy Mothers Day

This is for you Syd,



Wolf already reached out to the ladies of The Den. Apparently they prefer to remain incognito, except for @maggie.m

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Mothers Day is or should be celebrated by both sexes, it’s an appreciation day. Syd was a fan of music and would have appreciated the “Mothers of Invention” reference.

I think it’s a family thing. Hell some don’t even recognize it.

Everyday is mother’s day as far as I’m concerned. I consider it a marketing gimmick for hallmark et al. But yeah my mom rocks.

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Thank you

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Exactly… my mom rules no matter the day

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I made mom pizza and meatballs…

Been cooking all afternoon. So good :smiley:

Also chesse Ravioli… not pictured.


What kind of Canadian are you?

Where’s the poutine? Where’s the Kraft dinner?

friend buddy GIF by South Park

Poutine is good when done right. Kraft Dinner I wouldn’t feed to the racoons outside.

Here’s a coon from last week…

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At least we are trying