Happy New Year, Turn The Page

Firstly, Happy New Year.

It’s been a ridiculously challenging year In So Many Ways for So Many. We all deserve a laurel, and hardy handshake for making it through;


Nuff said.

I may be, well,…Not Exactly A Rah Rah kind of fan of the Lions…(understatement alert)

But I Reeeeallly think a Sea Change is brewing and this Pentatuechian 40 years of Wandering (well, 63, but who is counting at that point it all runs together) May Possibly ****Pleeeeeassse Don’t Let Me Jinx This ******, Be Coming to an


It may be that our Moses may not be able to enter the Holy Land with us (yes of course, this and all posts turn into a Stafford Status Sitiation),

But I think our River Jordan is just in front of us.

Unless I am reading this incorrectly, the Pharaonic Ford Dynasty has capitulated in the face of ever lower depths of disaster, and have relinquished control of our Tribe’s destiny to New Leadership that Actually Has A Football Background!!!

Kin Ah Git An Amen??!!!

I feel that maybe…juuuuuust maybe, we will start seeing decisions made that Actually Make Sense!

The turn of the year, ESPECIALLY THIS RATBASTARD YEAR, brings thoughts of better times ahead.

Despite my Voluminous Acerbic Outpourings,
I choose to believe that my and all of our shared Lincolnian Better Angels will prevail, and that,
Right Soon.

May 2021 be The Year for us all.

Happy New Year Lions Fans, One and All.



Read the title
And all I got

Bob Seger Live!


You read his Sax player died yesterday? Frigging 2020, not taking a day off…

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Also, I think I mixed more Bible references into a post than you ever have…

Which means clearly I’m about to be struck by lightning…


Good stuff, Maynard. Delusional, but good.

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So, Status Quo, just 180 degrees turnabout.


Fruitless change is the new status quo.

I really do think 2021 will be a better year for the Lions, mostly cuz it’ll be hard to do any worse! They have awful lot of talent that went on the IR, maybe they’re due for a break in that regard. Sort of a return to the mean kinda thing.

I do believe a new HC and DC should produce better results on defense, assuming the Lions are successful in hiring a good HC that builds a better connection to his players and a DC that uses his players more effectively than Patricia did. Hard to say what Undin would’ve done under a different HC, but let’s face it, he’s had to play a bunch of guys that shouldn’t be on anybody’s active roster so how much could we expect from him this year?

Don’t know if they will keep Bevell around or not, he hasn’t done too bad since Patricia left, absent the TB beat down but that was without Stafford. That offense ain’t that far from being halfway decent, unless Stafford retires or gets traded. I think they need a ball-busting, tackle-breaking power RB rather than Kerryon or AP, plus a 3rd down scat-back kinda guy like Theo Riddick was.

IMHO, the truth is that the Lions do not have enough draft picks or enough cap space to do a complete roster overhaul like many of us might want. They’re going to have to make do with some guys that are too costly to cut in 2021, like it or not. I can’t expect a big turnaround with 9 or 10 wins next year, they might do well to get to .500.

In any event, let’s hope 2021 will be kinder to us than 2020 was. What a sorry-ass, sucky year it was. So here’s to a better 2021, have a happy new year everybody.

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Yep. You don’t have to be the fastest running from a charging bear, you only need not be the slowest.


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Goodbye and good riddance!

On a weird note; I’m never into resolutions, but this year I have several, plus I’ve made a gigantic change at work.

Happy New Year, denmates! My most sincere prayer for each of us is that we don’t let the Lions be too influential on our joy. Let the main things be the main things and demote the trifling things we have no control over to their rightful place.


IMO, Many will see things they never thought possible and will likely never see again in the next 3 weeks…

why the “next 3 weeks”?! creepy in an accuracy type of way! :slight_smile:

A dude that works for me used to live up by Burt lake, said he’d run into Bob Seger all the time…especially when he was a young boy!
I joke, I joke

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