Hard Knocks goes to

The Raiders.


Yeah, being on Hard Knocks is not going to help the team except to make the players/personnel more recognizable to the general public. It would have been dumb to pick any team other than the Raiders…new coach, new GM, new star player, drama because of the relocation talk and an already nationally popular franchise. It was pretty much a no-brainer simply because of Gruden and the way the offseason went it pretty much locked them in. The only thing we need now is for them to bring in some old has-been QB (Favre/Vick) to “compete” with Carr.

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Vinny Testaverde. You always bring Vinny Testaverde out of the cocoon as your emergency geezer QB. I’ll never forget watching the Lions give up a rushing TD to his 42 year old ass when he was with Dallas. God, our defense sucked. He hardly had to get off the Rascal to get over the goal line.

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That show did wonders for Jeff Fisher’s career.

Didn’t Jim Miller with the Bears on 3rd and 17 fall down, get back up and complete a pass at or near the 1st down marker?