Hard Knocks Live Thread

I can’t promise I’ll post many updates but here it is… also gonna be on delay for most because watching on Max

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Oooo…TV MA. Spicy :pinched_fingers:

Well… where is it??

It’s not showing up when I search it.

Side note: If you don’t want spoilers don’t read the thread. And if you ignore this advice don’t get mad when it’s spoiled and you’re 10 minutes behind.

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I’ve got it on HBO HD. Channel 300 in Grand Rapids

Yes! Thanks

I found it!!!

Happy Well Done GIF by Top Talent

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I have it now on Max

Is it just me or does the Lions production team have higher camera quality than this?

Hard to judge for me. I’m watching this on an 80" screen. I watch the Lions stuff on my phone so…:man_shrugging:

I love it’s uncensored. “I don’t care if you have three fingers and half a foot I’m gonna beat your ass” :rofl:


Agreed I want to hear all the fucks and shits out loud

Three ■■■■■ and a bullshit in one sentence. Coach is on a roll :sweat_smile:


Damn MCDC blowing up on them haha

Coach Dan still has massive traps. Dude is more ripped than a dude his age has the right to be


Just making sure if TE #1 and #2 go down, he can throw the pads on at halftime.

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Dang he was not just keeping up on up downs but was ahead till about 15… no heart attack coach please

Can we all just agree to sing Billie Jean in the stadium whenever Aiden gets a sack?


His job is to coach, not play… why so many up and downs?

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Lol that was awesome