Harris and Houston

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James Houston could have expanding role

Despite being utilized a significant amount on the third-team, the Lions still could have an expanding role for the second-year linebacker.

“We’re doing a lot with him at SAM linebacker when we’re in base defense," said Dan Campbell before practice. "And certainly he’ll play some of that sub defensive end or get a chance to on third down.

“We know he’s got some ability, some craft, but we’re looking to really expand his horizons, if you will, if he can play some of this SAM backer,” Campbell continued. "Charles (Harris) is really the starter now. He’s (Houston) got to dive into the playbook, he’s got to know the calls, he’s got to understand all the adjustments, the formations, things of that nature. That’s where, once he grows, if he can get to that point, then potentially he won’t come off the field. The other point of that is, don’t forget about Charles. He’s coming off an injury, we lost him last year. This guy’s a man on a mission. And he’s another guy, I can’t wait as we go through camp, because you can tell he’s ready. It’s good to have him back, too.”



The preseason hype has begun!!

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The way i see it currently.
Harris, Hutch - Starter.
Romeo, Comish - Rotational Pieces
Paschal - Run stopping.


St. Brown was observed to have six red zone touchdowns on 10 plays called.


Yeah that says to me that Harris is the more rounded player and Houston is still a one trick nascar for now.

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I’m gonna have to switch to sugar free koolaid asap. That’s too much for one day.

On the other hand, the improved secondary is getting lit up like an XMAS tree!?

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How often were we in a “base” package last year ?

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Harris is the starting SAM?
Like, we run 3 LB’s 30% of rhe time and Harris is who we want out there?


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You might need to see a doctor @Snags

White men can jump! LaPorta looking like Magatron!



Just for you brother!

CJGJ was out today… and Mosely not ready yet.

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That Mims?

Quintez Cephus in 2021, I think.

Makes sense. 15 didn’t look like Alexander. Cephus was a helluva basketball player in HS as well.

After landing, he broke his ankle and started placing bets 24/7

I posted that pic in a different thread before reading this one. Pic of catch is amazing.

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