Hats off to Campbell/Glenn

They made some difficult decisions sitting Jerry Jacobs and Tracey Walker. Getting Cominskey more playing time. Seems to be paying off the last two weeks.


I think Jacobs got hurt, right?

Either way, sitting Walker and blitzing more was the difference. I saw far more wrinkles, but need to re-watch again. Definitely seemed more aggressive.


I mean if you cant stop them playing straight defense anyways may as well go for the big negative plays.

Jacobs started game as a gunner and played special teams until a hammy injury…he was deliberately removed from the defense starting unit. And it is showing up big time. Iffy making a case to stay on field when CJDJ comes back.


This has been one of my praises of Carroll and Schneider through the years. They’ll make the tough decisions quickly.

Past regimes would still be rolling with their guys.

Say what we will about AG, they’ll mix it up and try things out. Shoot, even early in the season they made the team captain Harris inactive. It earns them credibility in the locker room, I would think. You play well enough to start, you’ll start.

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They brought a ton of DB blitzes it seemed. Wilson is one of the best QBs in the league. But he sucks on the road. He wilts under pressure. He needs everything to be perfect

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And Glenn called a near perfect game last night. Most creative and varied blitz packages he has run all year.


Yep many of us have been very critical of AG. But well done last night.

The Lions offense couldn’t do anything in the 1st quarter and the defense kept stopping the Broncos and kept us in the game.

Then the offense exploded


I can not in good faith applaud them for the decision. Jacobs has looked awful for 2 months and personally made many mistakes that directly led to TDs.

Other teams purposefully targeted him all game for weeks, leading to losses and the entire team kept taking body shots when he would give up huge plays, every quarter, for weeks.

Seriously WTF was going on with him still playing?

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Wait, so you’re saying its just not Goff who struggles when pressured.

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Seriously, Vildor comes in and again some guy shows up and looks like an all-star compared to the starters. Because AG will not change, even when “his guys” directly lose games.

After you lose your house, your marriage, your kids stop talking to you, great you stopped drinking man. Would have been better 10 years ago.

I’m confused. He made roster moves. Benched some guys. The defense played better and we won.

I’ve been critical of AG often… but this isn’t really the time.


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