Having a good kicker matters

With that said, I think MCDC’s mentality is TD or bust. He doesn’t want his players thinking about getting in field-goal range. He wants them thinking TD.
Would explain why he doesn’t put a big value on having an elite kicker.

Having a good kicker really matters. I don’t think anyone’s gonna argue that the Lions need an upgrade.

AND let’s be clear that the Harrison Butkers of the NFL are VERY few and far between. We’d have to be really lucky to have someone like him on the team next year. Dude is a top-3 kicker. Hasn’t missed from 40+ ALL YEAR. The Titans’ kicker missed one FG all year.

It has more to do with philosophy then it does trust. Dan trusts badgley, as stated before a 54 yarder was hit in the playoffs. A 48 yard fg outside in Levi stadium is different. Badgley is s career 48% in those scenarios and distance.

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Gotta teach your DBs to deflect that interception off their face mask downward!

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Just a reminder that Justin Tucker was a UDFA. So was Vinatieri. Butker was a 7th round pick. Jake Elliott was a 5th rounder who Cincy cut before his first season.

Brandon Aubrey: UDFA
Greg Zueurlein: 6th round pick
Younghoe Koo: UDFA
Prater: UDFA
Dicker the kicker: UDFA
McManus: UDFA
Boswell: UDFA
Fairbairn: UDFA

Good kickers can be found so cheap, we should just be adding them from other practice squads until we find one who sticks. I suggested this with Dicker the kicker last year and we would have found a ten-year guy.

Good kickers are rarer than good quarterbacks…


Then why do half of the leagues teams need upgrades at kicker???

I didn’t say there were a ton of them, I said they could be found cheap.

But finding one cheap is extremely difficult because they are rare.

Finding one at any point is difficult, whether you go cheap or not. But spending capital on it is no better, in fact it’s worse. We’ve already had a thread about it.

So since they can be found cheap, you should keep throwing cheap capital at it until one finally sticks.

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