Having a good kicker matters

Nailing that 57 yarder. Not thinking twice about it in that situation. It helps!

Can we get a kicker our coach believes in?

I hate the the chiefs but the only reason the Niners were even there is because we gifted them the appearance. We woulda won that game. The niners are just ch/jokers. Hopefully every Lion player watched and saw what would might have been this year if they just clean up a few mistakes. Maybe they don’t make the same mistakes next year!


Agreed. Need a Kicker who can at the very least threaten at 50+.


The Lions kicker hit a 54-yarder that turned out to be the game winner in the playoffs.


All them years when Hanson was our only weapon

Too bad we couldn’t have him now


Blocked XP was a game changer. KC would have been down 4 and couldn’t have settled for tying the game twice towards the end of regulation.


If getting a new kicker makes Josh Reynolds catch that ball, then I agree. Get a new kicker.


Romo said Niners Kicker was at fault for the blocked kick

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Blocked XP
Muffed Punt

Special Teams


The muffed punt was incredibly unlucky, I don’t think there’s any way of coaching that not to happen.


Returner almost made a great play

But gotta just get on top of the football not try and scoop it

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I really hope Brad tries to deliver a more consistent kicker solution this offseason. Please.

Special teams. Those two plays are why the 49ers lost.

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I assume coaches teach to fall down on top of the ball in those situations because, well because. Yet, it is amazing how often you see players not do it and it leads to the other team getting the ball.

Him not falling on the ball could very well be the play of the game.

I criticised him when it happened and then they showed a replay in real time. It was so fast, he did a good job to even get a hand on the ball. He was too close, it was too fast.

Moody can hit 50 yarders but he misses a lot of easier ones. The KC kicker is amazing but would be a waste with Dan Campbell.

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Yeah I know. Which is why I personally wanted MCDC to kick the damn FG in the SF game. Perhaps twice and we’re holding the Lombardy this morning instead of KC.

But Dan didn’t trust our kicker enough in that game on two separate occasions and one was a lot shorter than the other.

Regardless of whether any of us think our current kicker can hit or not is not the question. The question is whether Dan trusts him enough to use him with as much confidence vs going for it on fourth down. Dan’s actions and track record so far speak that he’s not very confident in his own current hand picked kicker.

Fair point. sigh
At least we know Goff is good enough.

One thing in Brad’s defense is finding a franchise kicker aint easy.

Often times the best ones weren’t even drafted.

Hard position to evaluate cause the guy might have a monster leg but shits the bed under pressure. We see it all the time. Guy looks good in practice or in preseason…then the lights come on and shank city.

Take Jack Fox for example monster leg… he’s on record saying he was a terrible field goal kicker

Having a good kicker also likely played a role in Shanahan deciding to kick the FG in OT instead of going for it on 4th down. A decision that may have ultimately cost them a Super Bowl title.

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