He (Jared) went to Jared!


The guys on the line getting some hardware courtesy of Jared. He knows to take care of his guys! :rofl:


I mean…it can ONLY be Jared.

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That is funny. I saw an article on this from the spun and thought for sure it was an onion article…

I’ve been seeing brock purdy ads everywhere and I thought geez if only the Lions made it to the superbowl… Goff can get his endorsements BEFORE a new deal and maybe charge the lions a lot less.

They will love the watches, but an extra mil in each of their paychecks will be even better.

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I thought he might be marrying his supermodel. Are they already married?

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I’m so happy I bought a Goff jersey.


I wanted to, but I wanted a throwback and couldn’t find them anywhere. I didn’t want to get a new jersey, just to have to get another new jersey when they changed their jerseys this summer.

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Had the same thought. But the JA-RED GOFF chants were too much to resist.


That would be a good custom one

This is pretty cool, Sam Howell and Bryce Young should get something appropriate too.

Not yet. I imagine this summer maybe?
They have been engaged since June 2022
According to Wiki….

Use that Contract extension Signing bonus to pay that off lol

He is Jared Thomas Goff.

I am Jared Thomas H……

My man!


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You got it at Jared’s right?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Matt Nelson’s and big V crying in a corner

Interesting that the article said he got 10 watches but only talked about the 8 in the video. I bet V and Nelson got theirs, along with a Keep In Touch Hallmark card…

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Hank Fraley better have got one.


I was disappointed to see him in the media and potentially leaving with Ben Johnson.

Maybe that happens one day, but glad it isnt tomorrow.

I have lots of respect for our whole coaching staff.

Ever single person.

I hope Hank stays and knows he is greatly appreciated.

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