'He Never Understood!' Detroit Radio Host Blasts Rams' 'Bitter' Matthew Stafford

Question: Who is Anson Wells?

Can’t stand fans like that. “Lost him forever” etc

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I know he’s not this guy:


I’m sure Stafford was heartbroken and bitter. He loved and hopefully still loves Detroit.

He won a Super Bowl but it crushed him that he never won a playoff game here.

Goff did. The guy he replaced.
And Goff beat Matt for the 1st win in 3 decades

Losing to the guy you replaced, after winning the Super Bowl…crushed Matt Stafford.

Because he loved it here. Sucks but hey man he was coming in town to beat us so we had to say ■■■■ your feelings for a week

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Hopefully if Sheila got over being boo’d
Matt can too.


Kelly and Matt are fine but those little girls, man, we’ve got to keep booing those little girls. I’ll probably get a ticket to their graduations in the late 2030s.


Why? Living in the past sucks… you miss the present and can’t hope for the future

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season 4 showtime GIF by Shameless

I have always respected Stafford. And watching him go to work in that game gave me even more respect for him. I even started calling him John Matthew Stafford, just to add a little more respect to his name.

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He’s great. Just don’t fall off the stage.

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Used to really respect the guy and thought he was gritty as hell. The guy left his heart on the field here.

Then he did his teeth.

I kid, I kid. Sort of, anyway.

I rooted for him to get the SB but I have moved on from Stafford. We are in a different place now. Im really just all about the Lions instead of this drama.