He who laughs last

I really dislike when someone comments on the salary cap when they have little to no understanding of what it is or how it works and that’s the case with this author.

Even with the Goff, Sewell and ARSB extensions, the Lions are still spending less then the cap to field our team. Even when it comes time to extend Hutch, we will be spending less then the cap to field our team.

BH and the entire front office are putting on a master class on how to build a football team.


Great teams have to pay their great players, great money. Sucky teams pay sucky free agents great money and stay sucky. The Lions were the later, and are now the former. They switched from free agents to homegrown monsters, and have to pay them to keep them, that’s the price you pay when you have a great team. It’s worth it, and the future cap increases will help absorb some of the imbalance in the percentage of cap. At a 7.5% annual increase, which is in-line with previous increases, so it should look something like the below:

2024 - $255.4m
2025 - $274.5m
2026 - $295.2m
2027 - $317.3m
2028 - $341.1m


But how am I going to not get paid then? This is all I have.


In the first place, the 2019 Vikings don’t compare to the 2023 Lions.
So the whole comparison is flawed from the git go.
Plus, Brad has shown so far that he is above average at drafting talent.
Fools will laugh, even when the joke is them.

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Add “Trade whole 2025 draft for Dallas Turner” to that list.

Vikings will be the new same old Lions with Jefferson in the role of Megatron.

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Fact is these moves make or break a GM. If Goff doesn’t deliver Holmes job could be in trouble. Nothing gets people fired faster then signing a QB to a huge contract and then they don’t deliver.

Matt Millen held the job for 7 years. Brad’s hot seat would give you frostbite right now.

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I for one wouldn’t want him fired he has been to good in the draft. But I just saying these type of contacts if fail gets guys fired in a hurry.