He who laughs last

Vikings think Goff contract will be a joke on us… Jokes on U Kwesi!

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I don’t get it -it’s 42 million a year—for 4 years-and everybody is losing their minds -AHEM I stand corrected folks Goff just got 212 Million broken up over 4 years= 53 MILLION PER, not crazy…

Can I just say that this whole trend of media, opposing fans, etc. being some mix of cap guru and exceptionally skilled team builder is wearing thin on me? Everybody needs to move on to a new schtick.


What an idiotically stupid article. So because it did t work out with Cousins it won’t work out with Goff? So the Chiefs should have not signed Mahomes? The Ravens with Jackson? The Bills with Allen? Hurts? Burrow? Herbert?

Of course it stinks to pay a QB but when you have Holmes finding players in later rounds or cheaply in FA it can be managed. It’s what allows teams like the Ravens, Chiefs, Steelers, and Pats (previously) to build dynasties while also paying their QB the going rate.

If this is any indication, they might want Kirk back.


They drafted JJ enough said

Minnesota is staring a 6 win seaspn in the face.

Unpopular opinion alert-

Because Darnold and JJM are suck ass, and so is their D


Kwesi bad management too


For real. He is giving ditka w the saints and williams a run for his money in terms of chasing players in the draft.

42 would be great. I’m pretty sure it’s 53 per

The Goff signing was a comet in the sky. Every primitive moron has a theory. But at the end of the day it’s just a regular comet yo


Whom ever wrote that article is trying very hard to convince themselves that the Vikings did the right thing in letting Cousins leave and that the Lions are going to regret extending Goff.

They’re only fooling themselves.

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[quote=“Jason, post:9, topic:34523, full:true”]
42 would be great. I’m pretty sure it’s 53 per
[/quote] 170 divided by 4 is 42.5 actually… 4-being the 4, year deal…I could be wrong…

St Brown, Sewell, and Goff’s contracts are going to have an unpleasant effect…for other teams at the negotiation table. We paid our guys, now the guys on other teams are going to be asking for that level of pay and becoming disgruntled when their team wants to play the bean counting game as opposed to paying them like the Lions have done with the people they value.

Consider this, Justin Jefferson is a top shelf WR talent who just watched a 4th round, slot receiver, taken a year after him, just get the Brinks truck. You think he’s going to settle for less? Think again…

All of these contracts the Lions have handed out are merely the new benchmarks that every other team in the league is going to have to deal with during negotiations. Meanwhile, our guys are happy, paid, and feeling valued. :grinning:


Wolf, I read it that way too… the $170 is the amount guaranteed. Total contract value is $212M - so $53M per year. I guess that’s market value and on a few years it may be a bargain

just corrected myself when I came back in here-back in the thread , but you right.

Rather have our QB room than the Vikings any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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It’s not exactly a surprise that a Vikings fan page is critical of the Lions and high on what the Vikings are doing. Every time someone posts a pro-Lions article on here half the forum praises whatever the take is. It’s a crappy, dumb, pro-their-team article with no substance but that’s exactly what we like so I’d talk more about casting the first stone rather than laughing last.

Vikings Master Plan under Kwesi

Pay Hock the Mint
Let Cousins walk
Add another top round WR
Draft them a QB who will need a redshirt year
Keep signing old.running backs
Let your edge rushers walk.

Will Ferrell Lol GIF


I still think JJ ends up being one of the top 2 qbs iut of this class. There were moments where his talent really shined that he doesnt get credit for. He had a couple of off schedule throws on the run hitting perfect strikes to recievers hitting the sidelines. Ad libed plays that were absolutely of Mahomes level quality.

Add that to the fact that he had all of the typical pro offense responsibilities that none of the other top qbs in this class had. Caleb wasnt calling out coverages and ol protection assignements presnap. He still has to learn basic pro qb skills.


They better hope that JJ doesn’t pan out. If he does, they will have to pay him big money, and they will suck.

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