Heard a rumor…

Dan Campbell was spotted having a drink in DTP (that’s the local downtown Plymouth slang) at the Post (partially owned by Osgood).

Rumor has it, he’s looking to buy a home here.

That’s be cool. I wonder if he’d join my trivia team.



So…i assumed Hutchs’ family was there?

Dan hasnt even bought a home here yet?

Doesn’t shock me…

When he was hired…sports radio wrote him (and in-turn his family) off as they would he collecting money from the Fords/NFL and be gone way before his 6’year contract.

Ronde Barber specifically said:

“Enjoy Dan Campbell for a couple years…he will be fun for Detroit:…”

Ill never forget that.

Yeah…Ronde Barber said it…

Never forget…

They wrote Dan off as a joke…they werent even thinking about Brad Holmes…

Probably laughing at Holmes as well.

Theyre not only laughing at you…theyre laughing at your family…

I hear everything…

They were actually laughing…no joke.

“Shut up Ronde”.


Thats a good idea…

I don’t know if the Hutch family was there. They have one of the nicest homes on Ann Arbor Trail right near DTP. Someone is building a new home on the opposite side of the cross street.

I have also heard Aiden is building a home in Northville, though I don’t know where (people have tried to tell me but I don’t really listen all that much)

Turns out Daniel Fells lived in my sub when he was here for a cup of coffee. He was trick or treating with his kids, which was pretty cool.

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I haven’t been to Dtown Plymouth in years, love that place.
I was a Ntl Sls Mgr for a mfr in Canton and would always stay near Plymouth.
The Post
Ironwood Bar
Mexican restaurant i can’t recall.
Sardine room
Vino’s pizza
The italian restaurant was great.

Love that town.

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Bario is the Mexican place. Frequent it often.

Love the happy hour at Sardine Room

Ironwood is where Raiola got accused of getting handsy with a waitress during a Christmas party.

Lots of good places there.

Yes, Bario’s, they opened during the six years that I was staying in Plymouth.
Compari’s on the Park was the Italian place, absolutely loved their grilled Calamari.

Hopefully it comes with a nice rug…

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