He'd Jam His Mother in the dirt

For some reason I found this humorous.

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Ok…you won me over. Now show me on the field…

Show me…

If he shows me…and us. …ill gift 5 Hooded Lions Hockey Sweatshirts to who I feel like gifting to…

Lions…Hockey Style hoodie…ill gift it…

Terrion has to show us…

Now that I speak on it…

Im getting a Probert Lions Hoodie/Jersey…because what he stood for…

Mr. T said he was the "baddest guy on ice "…

Mr. T said Probert was the “baddest guy on ice”…

Steve Yzerman called him “Mr. DETROIT”…

He was…

Where has that gone??.

He did what Mike Ilitch paid him to do…and he did it well.


What has Larkin done?

Ill trade Larkin for a Bob Probert immediately…

Larkin has.done what?

I want Larkin gone…


What has Larkin done?

Nothing. Zero.

Larkin is a little TikTok boy…

Steve…figure it out…

And Darren McCarty…get on the phone…figure it out…


No one watches the Red Wings…

This Terrion lives up to it…ill gift 5 people here whatever Jersey they want…

We are hungry…we want to eat.

And whether you like him or not…

Bob Probert did his job.

Show me.

Show us.

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@JohnnyConnor, I think Wally wants to know how you keep managing to make new accounts and get away with it.

I mean good lord…


I guess…the question is…

Why dont you like me?

Never “attacked” anyone…

I have done nothing to anyone …and what…?

I dont know…

Tough schene…

Never hurt anyone…yet. what are you doing
You acknowledged me…so…you know me.

So…im confused now…i

Wally Notwally was banned for some reason before I got here

JohnnyConnor has 25 names but I don’t think he’s ever been banned

He just never learned how to use the “forgot password” button

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Emeraude Toubia Desmond Chiam GIF by Amazon Prime Video


No. Nate knows me.


I dont hide. Illl never hide.

Am I perfect? No.

Im not perfect…ill never be perfect. Ever.

Id have much respect if someone said "yeah… we dont want you posting here…so …please stop…

Thats fine…ill go away …

Never to be seen. Please tell that though.

However, I think a lot of people like my posts.

Maybe I am wrong and they dont like my posts?

So, its…do you want me around or not?

Thats its…and you can tell me…


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Should @JohnnyConnor And his 25 usernames stop posting and go away?

The results are in:

  • Go away
  • Stay
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Welcome back.
I feel like you were on a lot of Ritalin as a child to slow the tornado in your head.

Probert is definitely in my top 5 all time Detroit sports figures.

Id probably rank my top 5 like this…

Stevie y

Do we really need to tell you to go away?..read the room…and quit threatening to go away forever, it’s like you’re doung it for attention, waiting for someone to say “no, don’t go”. Nobody cares to read the constant rambling thoughts of a man lost in his own head. Do what you want but cut out the constant, dramatic threats, nobody gives AF.




hanna barbera lol GIF


Honestly that headline sounds like an insult or something dirty

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If you don’t have most of the Bad Boys in your top 5 I am not sure we can be friends.

And I am not even sure I like basketball anymore LOL

Bennie Blades is up there also

Yeah, I have to admit, when I first read Terrion’s statement I thought, you and your mother need to set-up some healthier boundaries.

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GIF - Imgur

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Well, to be fair, she did knock out one of his teeth while they were wrestling once, according to him. It would only be payback…

I have never let my kids win at anything.

And now that they are older they know that to play a game with means a full attack on and off the board. :joy::joy::joy:

We never really played basketball or wrestled much so physical competition was not that big. All my girls played softball and my son was a 98 pound wrestler his freshman year so football was not his bailiwick

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Some double entendres are best left ignored, so here is a random, cute pet gif instead,

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