Hello from a Refugee but always been Lurking on the Sideines

After just reading 5 pages of nonsense on 247 here i am too. I am the guy who never posts anything. I like to read other peoples opinions and maybe learn something I might not of thought of by myself.
I have modded many sites and do not deal well as most people with constant negative input or the improper treatment of fellow board members. Many a people were driven away over the years on the Lions boards because the Mods did not do the job or played favorites by not keeping the playing field level for all members… Not too mention there was a few board wars.
I understand that Lions fans are passionate but the personal attacks and constant negativity is a death sentence for a board. Visitors to the board will not stay or want to be part of a group with that kind of negative environment. I hope this place will continue be more civil than some and rise above the childish nonsense of the other lions boards.
I am glad to see a lot of familiar names here on this board from over the years!

I have been a member on almost every Lions board since they were invented and this is actually the first and only post you will probably see from me on this board… And yes i am the guy who voted your posts up or down and said nothing else.

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Welcome, oh silent one.

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Hmm, sounds like stalking to me.

Kidding, of course. Post as often or as not often as you wish. We’re all just victims of the Lions, trying to get through yet another season.

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