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Anyone know any good books, documentaries, movies (based on truth) about Samurai/Samurai Culture?

If you guys want to even tell me what you know about them, I’d love to hear it. I’ve seen The Last Samurai, and loved it. My Shaman wants me to learn about Samurai & Samurai Culture.

Thanks in advance, my brothers!
What you got, fellas? I’d especially love a good documentary, or 2…if such a thing exists.

It’s historical fiction but one of my favorite movies is Twilight Samurai

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I loved Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai. Obviously not a true story, but it’s an awesome movie.


Thanks, guys. Hoping for a lot more conversation and/or recommendations.

One of my favorite places to go while I was in Japan…. Rumors are this town was part of the author’s inspiration to write the book Last Samurai…

This is the last true village where they lived - a good starting point for your exploration brothet!


It wasn’t?!

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The movie “The Last Samurai,” had a character in it called Simon Graham, and his character supposedly wrote a book called “The last Samurai,” but I can’t find ANYTHING on it…ridiculous. Wiki says he was the author, and he took real photos and created a book based on his own experience w/Samurai, as well as the Journals of Tom Cruise’s character (who in real life was French, not American). Can’t find anything on it. That would be incredibly accurate, if I could find it.

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Thanks, man

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Ten year there: loved everything Japanese…. I’d go back and stay in a heartbeat if it’s Gods will!

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So this is an episode of one of my favorite podcasts (first of a two part series) about a particular samurai:

If you don’t do Spotify, you can find it on any podcast app, free, Our Fake History, episodes 55 & 56

Also, another one of my favorite podcasts (yes, I am psycho into history podcasts), this one from historian and martial artist Danieli Boleli, another two parter, about the story of the 47 Ronin:

Newer episodes of his podcast are behind a paywall but these are also free on any podcast app, episodes 36 and 37 of History on Fire


Yes, 47 Ronin. Nice.

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Two disclaimers about danieli boleli:

  1. He’s really really great and super knowledgeable about martial arts. (His series on Bruce Lee is incredible.) but he has what you might call a thick Italian accent. Personally I love it and you get used to it, but fair warning.

  2. His episodes aren’t like this any more, but this one has a ton of ads up top. The actual episode starts 9 minutes in

He’s absolutely worth checking out, I think you’ll really dig him rocky, he’s very much up your alley.

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Started 55 now, brother. Thank you! Probably finish it up tomorrow.
Already bought The Book of 5 Rings, and read “The Art of War” a long time ago.

I thought Kill Bill was a fictional story, but some of the name are real.

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Our Fake History is tons of fun. You can tell it’s a labor of love for him. If you have a chance, check out the History on Fire episodes. I think you’ll appreciate Danieli Boleli’s vibe. He’s a very spiritual guy (he’s had some tragedy in his life), and just seems to have a very refreshing approach to existing in general.

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The Samurai were heriditory , military , nobility and officers caste of medieval and early modern Japan , from the late 12th Century until their abolition in 1876. Samurai were the well-paid retainers of the daimyo (The Great Feudal Land Owners.) They had high prestige and special privlages such as wearing two swords. The Samurai cultivated The Bushido codes of martial virtues, and an indifference to pain, and unflinching loyalty. Often engaging in many local battles. Though they had prodcessors earlier in the military & Administrative Offices, The Samurai truly emerged during The Kamakura Shogunate ruling from 1185-1333. They became the ruling political class, with significant power and responsibility. During the 13th Century, The Samurai proved themselves as adept warriors against the invading Mongols. During the peaceful Edo Era (1603- 1868) . In the 1870’s families comprised 5% of the population. As more modern militaries emerged in the 19th Century, The Samurai were rendered obsolete and very expensive to maintain, when compared to an average soldier. The Samurai moved to professional & entreprenerial roles. The memory of their weapontry remains alive in Japanese Culture.


Really enjoyed listening to this dude. Appreciate the tip, brother!
(that’s what she said).

thanks, buddy!

Read Shogun…great historical author.

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This one has samurai right in the title, so you can’t go wrong with it.