Here are 5 names that you won't find in many mock drafts, but NFL execs, scouts and coaches wouldn't be shocked to hear Thursday night

All guys Lions could look at the top of the 2nd.

I’d be open to Arnette in round two if we didn’t grab Okudah in round 1.

I hope we don’t draft another tightend until 5th or 6th round. We have so many other needs. I know James has not done much and we need a replacement to cut him, but we took Hock last year.

Great we bring in another mouth after we just got rid of one.

mouthy corners… what a novel convention

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I thought Arnette’s 2019 tape was as good as Henderson’s. Maybe not quite as sticky in coverage but better instincts and much, much more physical. Was really surprised that he tested poorly, and that probably hurts him. But man, his tape was great.

I really like Dantzler out of Miss st. He made a huge improvement in his 40 running a 4.38 at his pro day and is really good in man, specifically off man. 6-2 good length, but only 185#. Willing tackler, but not the best. He needs to add a little weight, but the skill is there.

Yeah, I loved Dantzler’s tape too, only guy to really shut down Ja’Marr Chase. But that combine 40 started giving me flashbacks of Teez (who also had good tape) and despite him posting that video with the 4.38, that was just some good old-fashioned agent lying.

A lot of people timed it themselves and the general consensus is mid-high 4.5s (see the comments). They tried to be shady by starting the video just as he starts running so it’s hard to time the start of your stopwatch, but enough people have tried that I believe the consensus more than the headline.

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Thanks, should have read the comments, lol

Still Okudah ran a 4.48 so he’s not far off, but still would like more speed

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Right, but Ohio State’s pro day trace is notoriously fast. I’m sure Okudah would have come out of it with something hand-timed in the 4.3s. It would have been only slightly more legitimate, but I do think he’s about 2 tenths faster than Dantzler, as evidenced by the combine.


I don’t doubt you, a little disappointed, but only if we were to draft him. (Dantzler) was thinking he must have came out of the blocks poorly or I guess was hoping. Haven’t seen his combine run was sound asleep for it, lol

A fan of Hunt. Have him in the middle rounds in a lot of my mocks. Which of course means my keen eye identified his talent and the board makers didn’t, and he’ll be gone before the end of round 2…

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That damn keen eye of yours,lol

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Don’t forget the 41" Vert at 6’1 205. That is some serious explosion at that size. He is plenty athletic and this is no Teez Tabor here.

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Oh I agree with you, I was comparing the hand time of Dantzler, Thats2 had pointed out, of a mid 4.5 to Okudah. Saying I wish Dantzler had more speed.

Might as well grab Julian Okwara if here’s there at 35. Bookend him with his brother. It would keep the writers busy for a few, anyway.

He fits.

I’m a fan of Hunts too. I figured he was in play at 35 for the Lions.

I don’t think he’d be a bookend with Romeo. Romeo would play LDE still as he has more size, Flowers on the right side and Julian would move to JACK, moving Collins over to WILL moving Jones to the pine.

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