Here are five teams who could be interested in trading for Justin Fields

An interesting list.

No Vikings. No Patriots.

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For as much as I’ve defended him (which hasn’t been a whole lot, but still) you can’t help but wonder why he’s not throwing the ball to the open receiver, especially if it’s his 1st or 2nd read.


Processing was never a major strength of his, but a good coaching staff could work around his weaknesses. Because his strengths are plentiful.


Falcons and Seahawks were the two that seemed perfect to me. Either one and he’d prosper IMO.


Jets would be sweet him and Breece Hall. Lock in on Garrett Wilson.

Giants would be ideal, Daboll could work magic with him IMO.

Seattle with QB whisperer would be interesting.

ATL seems like the best fit with that offense…could be like the Ravens under Lamar up until 2022

Agreed. I also think he’d do well in NE. For all of their current issues at QB, I thought they used Cam really well. Cam was just past it, or about to be. Fields is a better passer and runner than Cam imo, he just needs to learn to be an alpha.

Agreed. Someone just needs to go full The Ohio State with him. Half field high-low/low-high and then check down or take off.

And I think a team that hasn’t invested the draft capital and feeling the pressure of making him a traditional franchise QB will do that and have at least moderate success.

He would die behind the jets or giants oline

Falcons makes the most sense