Here is the trade details

Minnesota sent the selection to the Detroit Lions, along with the 46th overall pick in the second round, in exchange for the 32nd, 34th and 66th overall selections this year.

I thought it was 3rd next year?

Not a fan of this draft so far. A injured WR when Kyle hamilton was still on the board? Jordan Davis was still available ? SOL

ACL recoveries are nothing nowadays for professionals. It’s like Tommy John surgeries for bball players anymore. They come back stronger than ever. I’m sure they did their research on the kid. This is not the same Lions of the past


That seems like a pretty good deal. Swap seconds and give up a 3rd to move up to 12.


I just wished we took Kyle Hamilton if we traded up . Otherwise stand put and hope for a LB to fall or maybe trade up to get one in the 20’s

I like the aggressive move! I was hoping it was Jordan Davis but then I saw this from Justin Rogers


I understand, the team has so many needs. Just a matter of what they decide are the best options for this year. Then fill more next year. I wasn’t a fan of Hamilton, but it’s in the eye of the beholder. We do need a stud LB to me more than S in round 2. But it depends on who’s there. If they see a S as their guy I’m good with it. I just love that we got 2 studs, game changers.


It will be humorous if Minn takes Dean and Cine at 32 and 34 and those two proceed to jailsex the Lions for years to come.


And we get a atud LB at 46 yet, so it’s a wash.

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Stay put and hope? That’s the gameplan for the worst franchise in the history of planet earth?

Hope so…I dont hate the trade, but it is a gamble imo. Williams has to be the best WR in this draft to justify it, and he very well could be. I also get the philosophy of the trade: top end WR’s are worth ALOT in today’s NFL, and if you can get one a rookie deal, then it’s great. Idk, I just would of preferred the picks at 32 and 34 and keep our 3rd with all the needs on this team, especially defense.

Williams and the 46 pick need to be day one starters for this trade to be worth it, we’ll see.

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We gave up a 3rd round pick. What am I missing?


I also like this move.
Lions have picked up two difference makers in two positions where they needed help.

Goff now knows that he has a decent O-line, a decent running game and an improved WR core. He won’t have any excuses if he doesn’t show his stuff.

Again, like the picks so far.


Seems like a good deal to me. Moving up just isn’t popular to some people.

According to the PoD guy in the link I posted, they didn’t even give up that…

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I think some people have issues calculating the numbers. Its like if your neighbor has a Porsche and trades it in for a Ferarri and then trades that in for a Lamborghini and then trades that in for a (insert car here). Some people would say “OMG how can he afford all of these cars!”


It is dawning on me what an absolute fleecing of the Vikings this is.

The Lions moved up 20 in the first. The cost was moving down 12 in the second, and a third-round pick (EDIT: This year, not next. My bad. Still …)
Brad Holmes:

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I’m confused, thought it was #66 this year.

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