Here you go Adrian

My Dad and his D’Onofrio brothers. All in WWII.
My Dad is Raymond.

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Oh wow, pretty cool stuff!

My mom is doing family tree stuff. I’m less than disinterested – for several reasons – but little tidbits like this here and there is pretty damn neat. (TBH, I’m not sure my father’s side could even bs completed anyway.)

Now if we could just come to a consensus on how to pronounce that last name LOL. I told my wife I’d much rather change it to Smith or something rather than bring her down with it, but she insisted – and now she pays the price everytime we try checking into a hotel or pick something up from the pharmacy, etc. LOL. A lot of the long-time locals here insist I pronounce it wrong thanks to some of the older mob guys.


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Yeah, the old dried up raisins out here claim its


Very east coast.

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I have never heard it pronounced like that.

I think Vincent D’Onofrio pronounces it Duh-Nof-Free-Oh.

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He and my wife, yes. :man_shrugging: