Hey, anyone talk to NewYorkLion or know him

Just realized he hasn’t posted in 2021…looking for him for the DEN Old School Keeper League.


He said, fuck the Lions after they cut Zack Zenner.


I don’t know him personally only the while he was a Den Member…he could both make good points and really piss you off but I didn’t know he was gone for good.

Personally, I hope he rejoins us at some point.

I enjoyed his hold-no-punches posts. Hope he returns when the season starts.

There’s been a few guys that haven’t been on forever.

I knew he has been gone for awhile but don’t really miss him, he was someone that thought he knew a lot more than he really did.


He knows what he knows and defended it well. Sometimes, especially if attacked, he’d reply with both guns blazing. His biggest problem was one that many have, not knowing when to walk away from a discussion. Had he given up on a few of those spats, there probably wouldn’t be as much ill will toward him.

Who here can boast a Lions mancave as righteous as his?


When someone disappears for that long i worry about his health


Being from Jersey, I cannot harbor any good feelings for NYL. Just kidding, I enjoyed his take on things for the most part.

Haven’t seen Wiseacre in a while either…hope he is doing well.


Wise last posted in June

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By no means was he dumb, he was just very opinionated and famous for moving the target when you did prove him wrong…and always had to have the last word so his arguments would just go on and on and on.

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I hope NYL is okay as well.

If I recall correctly, he was a big fan of Herbert Predraft. That has proven to be a well founded viewpoint so far.

I’d like to see some old school posters return this year.


We are fortunate to have this great message board available to us.


POTY ! If I could give you 4 likes , I would.

Lol I bet you don’t miss him.

Wow that’s really rich coming from you. Listen to your self sometime because you just describe you to the T.

He was a knowledgeable guy and headstrong at times but I always enjoyed his detailed views even if I didn’t always agree.

hey, this was a question about finding a guy, not a fucking gossip and grind on people thread.
dude could be dead…
I’m shutting this shit down right now. fucks sake.


Sorry, I actually did send him a pm or two to see if he was ok.