Hey, find some streams for a sick home bound Lions fan

From previous thread from Zeeze

Hey all. With my son and Dad in an area that will be broadcasting the Packers game on Fox instead of the Lions. I won’t get into the details, but this will most likely be the last Lions game that we will get to watch with my Dad. Any suggestions on how to get to see this game when it’s not broadcasting locally? My Dad isn’t well enough to go to a bar or restaurant to see it.

Fellas, let’s go find some streams for Zeeze’s dad. Pronto.


Hi Weasel, great to see you here !

If Slingbox allowed users to watch while using HDMI I would invite him to watch. Sadly they don’t and the only connection I have is HDMI (Xbox streaming the Ticket)

Always use strikeout.me from work. Just have to close out the pop up windows a few times in order to get where you’re going. That and not mind the content of the ads on the site. But it gets the job done and I’m able to watch the game relatively pain free most of the time.

Edit: I also get stuck with packers games on a regular basis because I live up in escanaba

Hey cub! The band is back together!