High hopes and down the hole

after pulling for the lions for almost 65 yrs ,i didn’t feel up set or flustered about the tie–a win would have rekindled my fire—but the tie was “eh”-- pretty much what i expected after all the years of being let down–i have pretty much consigned myself to the fact that i will probally–{most likely} go to the LORD before i see the lions in another playoff game ,much less a super bowl—just this old geezers 2 cents—hot damn i hope i am wrong—still love my lions and the johnny walker too much to leave this earth


It was odd. I don’t have your track record, but even as the collapse was inevitable, I found myself laughing. That was new. Could have been delirium setting in – I even found myself sympathetic to the JOKER commercials. Not sure if it’s healthy or not. At least we have 15 more games to find out.

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That’s where I’ve been at with the team for years now. Its a great place to be. When they win I’m on cloud nine, and when they lose I can just shrug it off as SOL and go about my day.

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You hit the nail on the head with me. Even before the season started I had some excitement, but felt more nervous than anything with the thought of this team letting me down once again. I fumed for a little bit last night, but then starting laughing and just thought why do I allow this team to get under my skin. I really hope this team changes, but for now I have to learn to laugh.

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the offence was sputtering,but they let up on the “d”—the ravens didn’t do that–they put the peddle to the metal and kicked ass–i just thought–why didn’t we do that—afraid of winning???–shit the 2nd glass of johhny walkers went down well after that fiasico—still ,my hope goes on—reading all the other post ,they think we may beat the chargers—hope so—then i can pop the cap on my crown royal and celebrate for a change with optisim

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Yep, I’m the same way. I don’t get way up or down watching games anymore. Even if they have a complete good game, I know it won’t last into the next game. So when I see these younger fans getting absolutely strung out and exploding when the lions play poorly I’m like


When I watch a game and get mad I just always think about this video and realize its not that bad:

NSFW- f words

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At least with the Lions, you have new and original ways to piss away games. How can you not laugh at them? That would be rude,

Well, I don’t get too up or down on this stuff
This thing is mainly a diversion for me anyway
But every year I see 10-6 out there
Sunday I found myself holding my head at what I was seeing
But that passes in seconds… :grin: