High school football

Anyone hear mhsaa considering putting a cap on division 8 at 250 enrollment

I haven’t heard that but I don’t think it’s a bad idea. What’s it capped at currently?

Currently number of teams divided by 8
If passed cap at 250 or 48 teams pushing about 12 teams up from division 8 than rest of teams divided by 7. Dont understand they think teams wiill come back from 8 man but if teams dont have enough kids now changing division 8 to cap at 48 teams wont make a difference in their numbers. Not really fair to the teams that have to move up now they will be smallest teams in their division

I get that argument. I came from a school that bounced between 7 and 8 year to year and eventually went to 8 man.
It’s tough to be a small school and its already a struggle for the low division 11 man teams to find matchups.
I thought I heard somewhere that everyone was going 8 man at some point in the future?

Some of the schools from 6 and 7 are going 8 man

They capped 8-player football last year. Don’t recall what the exact number was, but around 200-250.
You could still play if bigger than that, but not make the playoffs. Several teams played a season with no hopes of a postseason.

215 was 8 man cap but your right i think 11 schools over the 250 mark played 8 man without any chance of post season so thats why i not sure schools woukd come back to 11 man because number of kids playing football is down probably many reasons getting hurt, home school and alot of kids just dont lets say have much enthusiasm to do much

I’m glad they capped 8 man. It was looking like it would take over a few years back. In my part of the state there has been a lot of conference realignment and it’s really caused some goofy schedules. I kind of wish there was a geographic limit to the HS conferences.
I know my school used to field plenty for an 11 man team but now it’s pretty slim pickings. I do think that kids are not playing for health reasons.