History Again!

Growing up, like most of you I watched NFL games with my father. We’d watch the early and then later games. Followed by Hogan’s Heros and a show I hated - Star Trek! Then maybe 60 minutes. Nice Sundays.

Well my dad always liked the Buffalo Bills. Drove me crazy! I’d call him a effing traitor! Now he wouldn’t cheer for them against the Lions, but still!

After college I asked him, “come on Dad, why do you always cheer for the Bills?”

He explained to me that Ralph Wilson hired him right out of Chevrolet Gear & Axle in the 50’s. And that he’ll never forget that.

So I ask the DEN, why couldn’t our Lions have some of that success that Wilson’s Bills had? Granted, they never won the Super Bowl, but they sure got a good taste of it.

And we get Willie!


Oh man. The early’90’s must have been the most wicked of roller coaster rides for the Bills and their fans. FOUR STRAIGHT Super Bowls! And they LOST every damn one of ‘em. I can’t imagine the highs of playing out the season. The playoffs. Then……BOOM. Go lay down bitch, you’re DONE. Being a Lions fan is tough enough, but THAT?? I really don’t know if I’d want my team to go through it. I was in heart and soul for the Red Wings of the ‘90’s and early 2000’s and that was hard enough when they got bounced from the playoffs. 4 Super Bowls in a row??? Don’t think I could have survived it.


Which is supporting my remarks I always make…. That there are 31 losers and one actual winner….

All people see is they lost….

Pat at 18-0 doesn’t mean anything now as they lost the SB …

Now, my hope is, the Lions just stop sucking as bad as they have it the past…. If we don’t win the SB this year, we still failed at the actual goal

Sign me the hell up for 4 consecutive super bowls!!
I’m one of the old guys that watched Greg Landry and Bill Munson battle for starting QB. At my age, I get excited about the possibilities of making it in the PO’s as a wild card.


That’s actually a great analogy, I don’t really remember the Bills from that time but, I remember the red wings, and that had to be the same or very similar to the wings always making it to the semis or finals and never winning.

I’m very glad that was not our experience, but my heart goes out to Bills fans because that must have been heartbreaking.

Also why I pull for them out of the AFC

Man, the AFC was a blast… Elway, Kelly, Marino…
The Bills offensive roster:
Andre Reed, Don Beebe, Pete Metzelaars, Thurman Thomas

Good times, even for this diehard Broncos fan at the time.

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I loved the early 90 Oilers.


You got your redemption though with back to back Super Bowls for the broncos!

I remember that and was happy for Elway and the team and fans

Growing up in Idaho we dont have professional sports so I had to latch onto whatever team interested me and that was the 90’s Bills. They were fun to watch and my favorite team then despite 4 losing Superbowls. That is until I saw Barry play on TV once, after that I was hooked to the Lions ever since…now I don’t know if that was a good decision or not lol.


Yeah, I remember that, too. I was only 5 or so when Karras got suspended for……gambling! Very faint memory. I always liked Landry over Munson. No idea why, though. I can’t remember many from the’60’s and ‘70’s until I hear a name or see a picture.

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Laundry was a running fool. I think he led all QB’s in rushing yards for a while. Munson was a better passer.

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Ralph hired guys that drafted Andre Reed, Thurman Thomas and Bruce Smith, then signed Jim Kelly.

WCF hired guys that managed not to drool on themselves…mostly.


Know what always brings a smile to my face? Minny’s SB record.


My ex had family in Tonawanda (a suburb) and I razzed them with, “so you have a new area code, 0-4-4”.
They didn’t like me, anyway.:rofl: