Who else is fucking jacked for this season?

I was actually able to catch a VGK preseason game a few nights ago. That arena is unreal. (So are the prices … oof!)

Red Wings just played up here in the Yoop in a 700 seat arena. Not a big hockey guy, but most around here were beside themselves for weeks.


I watched some of this. Very cool what the NHL is doing with these Hooterville stops.

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That’s where it all started.

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I am excited to watch the Leafs dominate. They are the most loaded team in the league by far, and it is Stanley Cup or bust in Toronto this year. Expectations are sky high.

Could be a Toronto vs VGK final.

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If that happens @iggy14 I’d wonder if Toronto would be worn out after eliminating Tampa. I don’t see them going down as easily as last year. That said, Vegas’ path would be pretty difficult as well.

Kinda sucks that Alex Tuch and Cody Eakin won’t start the season, but it gives Cody Glass a helluva chance to try sticking to the pro squad.

You making any NHL bets, @iggy14?

Might be some value in Colorado or Dallas, especially if they start slow.

Could care less about preseason, but excited for the real thing on Wednesday.

I am on Chicago to win the west at 17-1. They have quietly retooled very nicely IMO. They stole Dylan Strome and Perlini in that trade with Arizona. Strome had 51 points in 58 games with Chicago. Perlini can hit 20 goals this year. WTF was Arizona thinking? Everyone knew Strome would take time. Toews, Kane, DeBrincat (teammates with Strome in JR), Saad, Strome as your top 5 forwards. Perlini, Shaw, Zack Smith ( Shaw and Smith are very tough to play against) can all score 15 goals each. They have other young wild cards as well such as Alex Nylander.

Their defense is deeper now than what it was when the won their cups. Keith and Seabrook can’t play at the level they did when they won cups… but Olli Määttä, Calvin De Haan and Gustafson are all quality players who are legit 2nd pairing guys.

They also have Robin Lehner to go along with Crawford.

They will be a factor. I was high on VGK, but they are overpriced. Colorado is a very dangerous team. Not a believer in Dallas.

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Chicago has been crippled by bad contracts, something I think Toronto could be headed to. Great young team in Toronto but Dubas is the worst contract negotiator ever.

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Red Wings are 2-0 this season and getting ready to watch their home opener with the Ducks. Detroit is in rebuild but do have some nice pieces.

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I used to love hockey. I grew up on it. Now I could care less.

Goalpost has hurt the Wings three times so far.

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Its quickly becoming that way for me, but with the NFL.

Well, James Neal looks like he’s back to being the Real Deal.

Please, keep this thread alive. Just to stem the political poo-poo that this forum is.

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Believe me, I’ll do it myself if I have to.

Lucic for Neal was a very good trade for Edmonton. 10 straight seasons of at least 20 goals and people write Neal off after ONE bad season. Lucic is awful and will be out of the league soon. Playing with McDavid doesn’t hurt, either.

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I have a wager on Toronto to beat Tampa tonight. Leafs need to bounce back after a loss to the defending cup champs.

NTM he went to the Finals several years in a row.

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