Holes in the team as is

KJ is an average to “decent” RB, BUT he MUST prove that he can remain healthy or we’ll move on from him SO , we do need another solid option in the unit.

We are devoid of any quality pass rush, you can’t screw around with that or we will win very few games. SO, I’d say we need one VERY solid pass-rusher, OR two very good ones going forward there is no debate because right now evidence shows that we are very poor at pressuring QB’s.

Also on Defense, we must have a very able run-blocker “maybe two.” but absolutely one that can eat up and shut down ANY runners . I wish we had a Khalil Mack type …but let’s go on.
IMO, we need a Red-Zone threat with strong ability because we have given up numerous points and settled for field goals too often, than getting TD’s. It’s unknown how long TJ Hockenson ‘will’ take to find a groove here…BUT we need another sure -handed threat while TJ evolves.

O-line, has a player or two that seem to be rather suspect and we need to fix these issues !

last? I’d say we need to shop for Slay’s replacement IN CASE he’s moving on in 2020.

If Kerryon Johnson was setting the world on fire we still should be in the market for another running back.

Its the nature of the position.

The Vikings spent a 3rd while Dalvin Cook was on the roster and played 11 straight games


100% agree Wrath, we must have a #2 RB so we CAN keep running efficiently. we don’t have KJ now who we WAS relying on heavily and now, we have nothing and no one to be AS or MORE productive…putting it mildly…we are back to a point we cannot run. in the past we couldn’t run all that well especially behind a pass-blocking line.

Bevell got here and KJ and we “started” to produce. We have seen that KJ can’t seem to stay healthy and don’t have a solid #2 to pick up and go. we SHOULD not leave ourselves hamstringed if KJ goes down like he has…

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KJ has 2020 to prove himself , we need a compliment or an equal to KJ to split the load , problem is the Lions are not going to pay for a RB#1 B to Kerryon #1A …So we still have to see what TY can do .

Slay is signed in 2020 will he play or holdout for a new deal ? I think he holds out but if he does not he is only earning $10 Million for 2020 and you are not getting a D.Slay for only $10 Million elsewhere …I pay him on a new deal . If it’s about replacing Slay it has to be a stud CB Free Agent , if it’s a compliment to a resigned Slay he should be drafted high …Greedy was ideal and was stellar early this season before the injury he sustained . I’m rooting for Hockenson , I like him but nothing will persuade me that TE was the right choice in round #1 …7 weeks in today I still take Greedy at #8 never mind that he went in the second .

O-Line needs some time to gel in this system , we need a RT for sure and a road grader at Guard to pair with Glasgow in 2020 . I think Decker’s best football is ahead of him if he can stay healthy and continue to get stronger…he has not had much of an off season here since being drafted .

The pass rush could use a true pass rush specialist for down and long situations but those guys are few and far between when it comes to being that and an every down DE that can stand up if need be and hold an edge in the run game .
So we need a Dwight Freeny type for down and long situations but on a Anthony Zettle salary …that’s not happening unless we draft one .

The D-Line just needs to get healthy , re sign Ashawn , keep Snacks , Hand, Flowers etc and just get some healthy subs to rotate in to keep our better players rested for when needed . I would have loved Jeffrey Simmons this past draft .

My hope is that Daniels does come back and dominates, just in time for the playoff run.

biggest immediate hole we need to make is attitude. Hope they recover emotionally from losing Diggs. Last game, quite honestly, we looked hungover from the defeat that the officials handed to us. I’d imagine they felt pretty helpless. I’m still pissed about it, and I’m just some dude watching on tv. Imagine if you busted your ass as hard as you can, both physically and mentally for 2 weeks getting ready for it, earned it, then someone took it away from you. The refs took a lot more than just one game away from them.

I think the DL is in better shape than most here think they are, once they get healthy. Last game, Harrison went out in the third, we were already missing Daniels & Hand/Bryant. Missing 3 dudes from the starting DL, Davis went out, Slay went out, Diggs was gimped. Man, we were missing more than half of the starters from our D, in the 2nd half. Everyone was saying our D is broken. Show me a defense anywhere that can succeed with that many starters missing.

Definitely need OL help, and RB help. A lot of guys were saying that KJ would not be able to handle this sort of work load, and that they were riding him to an injury. Here we are! Guess we’re about to find out what Ty can do.

Need a guy that’s strong enough to run up the middle, but has big play ability. I like everything about KJ as a dude, but I sure do wish he had more power and home run ability.

We’re still figuring out what holes are, as we get healthier, we will learn a lot more about our D. I think we have some time to figure it out, with the NYG, Raiders, and a crappy Bear offense coming up.