Holmes has been cookin’… now for dessert?

I was pretty critical in the first 72 hours of FA, but once again Brad has shown why deserves “time to cook.”

Jonah >>> Sorsdal
Reynolds >>> T Smith
Ceedy >>?
Walker > ??

Romeo = Davenport

Jacobs <<< Davis
Vildor << Robertson
Benito <<< Reader
Harris << Houston

When you consider we still have about 8-9M we can spent against the 24’ cap (with draft pool and in-season moves already favored)… then I think we can plug the few remaining holes, and reverse a few of the above positional regressions.

Sign- J Simmons on a 2 year deal with a void year. 2 years left Kerby- one left Iffy, but tend to get banged up.

Sign- A Peat on a cheap 1 yr deal, and let him have a shot at LG and huge upgrade as backup OR


Graham Barton- perfect player to battle for week one LG, and also possibly fills long term C role.

X Leggett or J Polk- shitty WR make 7-10M, good ones 20M and really good ones north of 25M. We still don’t know what Jamo really is, and with ASB getting a huge deal, we need a WR2/3 on the cheap. Either player would be a great.

Ruke/Fiske/Carter- still want some interior juice, and with Reader being older and banged up last year, and Alim in his final year, I’d prefer to not have a Barr cupboard.

Andru Phillips/Jarrian Jones- like both a CB4/5 with upside guys


K Milton- big pass catching back with burst.

J Karty- kicker who can boom.

I would love to get Barton but the guy I like for the Lions as of now is Zach Frazier. He’s an elite wrestler that always is a plus for linemen and is a mean nasty mauler. Personally think he is a perfect fit for our O-line.

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