Holmes on Extra Cap Space

Maybe we do go after one of the top tier guys after all.

Assuming the usual suspects get franchised, I’m in the Christian Wilkins camp.


"Because what you’re saying is that one player—you might sign that one player in March and that one player looks good in black and white on a depth chart in March and April and all through the summer. What if that one player is not available in October and November and December?”

Emmanuel Moseley


Big V

Applies to several guys from last year. Decent depth is so important.


The second note goes to how he attempted to deal with the DB need last offseason.

Other minor notes from Holmes’ radio spot:

  • He has an idea of where the team wants to go with extensions of players, but will not provide updates on Jared Goff and others’ contract situation until the process is completed.

  • Holmes more or less reiterated that he will continue to draft based on talent over need. He said free agency is a more needs-based approach than the draft.

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DON"T believe anything said now until the draft.


Except, maybe you can believe it a little with BH. He said from day 1 they were going to draft football players and cornerstones. That’s exactly what they’ve done, and exactly what he said again today.


“It’s easy to win in March, but we’re trying to win in December.”

Chris Jones helps us win in both March and December.


Jones would help us best in February… sadly we are dreaming on Jones.


Come on Holmes, we want Chris Jones!

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