Holmes: 'Pretty Fortunate' to Have Michigan in Lions' Backyard



They have 18 guys going to the combine, and somehow the only players I’d actually want aren’t draft eligible.

There are multiple guys that would make our 53. I don’t think I see a year 1 starter.

McCarthy would make the roster and fight for the #2 spot.
Wilson would be our #3 WR
Jenkins = DT rotation
Coulsen = I like him more than Jack Campbell
Sanirstil = doesn’t have the measureables but always seems to make the plays
Corum = would be #3 RB for us over Reynolds
Zinter = possible redshirt 2024 and starting OG in 2025
Barner = fight for #3 TE spot
Keegan = could make roster but more likely a PS guy

I dont think JJ is anything more than a #2.

Corum is a tweener who isnt small enough to scst, fast enough to edge, big enough to pound, or sudden enough to one cut/stretch against NFL talent.

Different style, but my comp for him is his coach, Mike Hart.

Id take Sainristil in the 3rd and let him be scrappy and eventually become our #2 at best and Will Harris at worst.

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I saw an article that said JJ was the most polarizing player in the draft. Then I see him mocked in the top half of the first round and I think they’re on to something. I kind of see what Malik Willis might have looked like playing on a good team with a coach that put training wheels on him. I’m far from sold that he’s going to be a good NFL QB.

Sainristil might be the most interesting to see how he performs at the combine.

Corum at a minimum is going to be a good short yardage back. He just has that it factor for always gaining positive yards.

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Yeah, by being able to bring them in during our local pro day, we can really hide our interest. Same with MSU I believe.

I wonder if Crosby attended it back during his draft year?

Not to mention that Corum is built like a brick shit house. He might be short, but isn’t really a small RB.

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How do you feel about sainrastil at safety?

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Blake is a dog, but how much more can his body take.

They have a edge built like Hutch also Braiden McGregor 6’05 263

He barely has the size to play CB.

I’ve watched every one of his games. He shouldn’t be able to do what he does based on his size, but yet he does.

He makes game winning plays against NFL caliber players. He might never be an all-pro player but I can easily seem him having a solid NFL career.

I don’t disagree, he’s full tilt boogie out there. My comment was about his ability to play safety.

Gonna call Corum 'lil Swaggy now

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Kerby v2.o? Ok.

A ton of uofm guys were great at college ball. I doubt most will in nfl. Jenkins, wilson, Colson, and Zinter will be good to great. Rest average to bust. I think JJ can be great, but he had a top oline and beast in the backfield. Blake is to beat up to last to long in nfl. Not his fault btw, but rbs dont last very long

Not a huge fan of any UM players other then:

JJ McCarthy

Mikey Sainristil

Braiden Mcregor

AJ Barner (later…slim body…very late …body is so slim…bulk him up? He could be something because he puts effort into blocking)

Mike Barrett …special teams and depth…hard worker

Michigan’s style…

Hutch will love this…and this is what Holmes and Dan look for:

This may take over Journey…for Michigan Sports…

Amazing experience in person…

Watch some Trente Jones and see what you think

Monty Gibbs and Corum running behind Ragnow and Sewell…

Football Yes GIF by Detroit Lions

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Let Sandrastil play SLOT CB, move current SLOT CB, Branch, back to his more natural position Safety…Don’t sign CD, save $5M, at least…Sandrastil had 6 interceptions in 2023…Sandrastil is just as “Heady” of a player as Branch, IMO. Future Secondary Coach, EX-Receiver. Fearless. Faster than Branch. Has the “It” Factor.

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