Holmes Shouldn't 'Go Overboard' on Goff's Extension says former NFL GM Tom Dimitroff weighs in on Goff's contract situation


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“Its not like hes in his prime of his career”

Dude is 29 and just had the best season of his career. But ok.


I didn’t get the “not in the prime of his career” comment either.

For a QB, he’s exactly in the prime of his career.


Didn’t Dimitroff interview for the Lions GM job and got the boot.
Just saying, sounds like some sour grapes


I like Dimitroff was hoping he’d get the job here in Detroit . . . glad that didn’t happen, but I still like him.

He didn’t really say much about Goff’s contract, just not to overpay (and I think we all agree). I’d like for Goff to be as fair as Stafford was with his LA Rams extension, but we will see. Goff’s contract should be done by the start of UFA.


Not in prime of his career …

I think they botched the article

That was a new paragraph and, to me, was all about Love. Out of nowhere they put a paragraph in about Jordan Love.

Fire the editor!!

Probably ChatGPT or some other AI program contributed to the composition of the article.


Two funny facts: Wiford Brimley was only 49 when he played a senior citizen in cocoon, which is younger than most people on Twitter think Jared Goff is.

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When people talk about not overpaying Goff, is that simply recognition that his performance is heavily dependent on an upper tier OL which will need to be paid too–in essence, cutting into the salary that he would otherwise command? For me, that has to be accounted for in any negotiation to arrive at a fair contract for Goff AND the team. Am I misguided in thinking that?

Also, my sense is that Goff’s presumed extension will come near the end of training camp. Are there advantages to extending him before free agency? Yet my feverish mind would be fine extending both St. Brown and Sewell before the draft. That’s inconsistent of course. Welcome to my world. LOL


That’s what I think too, man. Goff is brilliant when protected… average at best, when under duress…especially consistently under pressure.

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And - again, again, again - you’re describing pretty much every QB in the league, except for the “brilliant when protected” part.


Agree completely with the posts above: Goff under pressure, hand in his face, DT in front him - is not an elite QB. He has done better, but man some of those times when he had pressure he throws some really bad balls that he was lucky didnt get picked.

With the Lions elite OL, Goff is a great QB. With St. Brown, LaPorta, Gibbs, Reynolds, Jamo, Goff is a great QB.

Go put Goff on on a team with an average to bad OL, he is not a top 15 QB. I dont think that is up for debate. He can’t move and relies 100% on a great pocket and elite route running from his receivers to be at their spot. He is a spot thrower, which I think is why he can’t throw the deep ball well. Guys are absolutely cruising and its more intuition to hit them correctly sprinting 30-40 yards downfield. Its not the same as a 16 yard strike between the numbers. 40 yards at the sideline is a diagonal throw, which makes it longer than 40, where the 10-17 yard middle to middle throw is much shorter.

I think Goff can do certain things extremely well, but those rely on a big system of all the other guys being above average to the best RT in the league.

Goff does not deserve top 5 money and probably should get around #10 money now.

Stroud, Mahones, Love, Purdy, Tua, Allen, Dak, Lamar, Herbert - put those guys on the Lions and Holy Shit I think the offense goes up another gear.


And the only number he gave was $55M for Love as an example of overpaying. I think if we can get him for $45-50 per year then I’m good and I don’t think that’s overpaying.

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To varying degrees, yes.
Any adult knows a QB is far less effective when under pressure.
Again, and again, and again → All QBs have a significant dropoff in effectiveness when pressured…some more than others…some QBs can take a broken play and create, when it turns off script/gym class style ball muuuuuchbetter than others.

Some QBs are big and dont’ go down easily Goff is a 1/10
Some have amazing pocket presence and avoid pressure well Goff is a 5/10
Some are good at throwing the ball away to avoid picks and sacks Goff is a 10/10
Some never fumble when hit Goff is a 4/10
Some are fast and have great escapability → Goff is a 2/10

…these are factors that come in when pressured. Goff does some incredibly well & others horrifically.


I imagine that he wants the lions to sign St. Brown, Decker, etc. to keep us competitive so he’d take a deal like that. Add the fact that he really likes it in Detroit and has a very positive relationship with coaches and I think it’s reasonable.

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I think so too. Goff knows he is brilliant when protected and has a miserable time of things when he’s not. I think he knows our coaches want to protect him and not put him in an A-a-Ron Rodgers situation. He knows they will buy the pieces to protect him and give him a style of offense he likes. I think he gives us a fair deal. Our administration is so honest and up front, I think Goff will be honest about who he is and what his role is here. He is truly brilliant when protected well. He’s below average off script (bigger discrepancy between protected-not protected than most).

We’ll keep him protected and keep him on script. I will trust Holmes over anything I think → always.


1 by the end of next season goff won’t be a top 10 paid quarterback, because of everyone else getting a pay raise. In reality he might not be a top 13 paid AB.

2 Goff led the NFL in passes over 25 yards.

3 i could easily name 10 qbs that look bad with a bad oline. Burrow, stafford, dak, hurburt, murry, tua, lawrence, lamar, allen all look TERRIBLE when the oline and route running of WR isnt good. Welcome to the NFL.


He must have liked the Jets move for Rodger LOL

Look at all those guys you named - I have seen most of them get away from pressure and make big throws.

Good Lord how many times have you seen the Lions get close to a QB, have them escape and throw a bomb down the field. Goff can not do that.

Purdy just runs around until guys get open and throws down the field, Mahones, Dak, Tua, these guys all handle complete breakdowns of the Oline, then throwing darts.

Frankly Goff probably has the best Oline in football.

I feel like somehow all the Lions fans forgot what our defense dealt with all these QBs moving away from our pass rush, pushing up the pocket, running away, then making huge throws.

Goff has no chance at any of those plays. No Goff Offense will succeed if that’s what he had to do. Yet we saw QBs put up points week and week doing just that.


What Brad should be extremely careful of, is listening to ANYONE out side the organization.
They don’t have our/his best interests at heart.
Never have. Never will.