Holmes tried trading up into the 30s

If rakestraw stays healthy he may be our best corner (not counting branch at ncb)

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Nah, they saw a talent they would have loved at a move up to 14 for just that same 3rd round pick. A+ move up either way. Under pay on one end, over pay on the other, yet never making everyone happy. If it was a 165LB WR that runs fast in his underwear, then I’m with you.

My sense was the 2nd target was still on the board for a while, so we’re probably looking at someone picked in the 50’s as his other crush. Maybe Zach Frazier?

Idk I think him & JPJ overrated
Both kinda soft

It is interesting to look at where Brugler/the Beast had players rated:

Round 1: 20 players - This is an average number. Caleb Williams through Jared Verse
Round 1-2: 13 players - This is a below average number. You started seeing trade-ups.

Round 2: 10 players - This is a very, very low number. Hence, many trade-ups to get these players
Round 2-3: 27 players - Much higher than average

Round 3: 23 players - More than average here … the meat of the draft.

So it does make sense that Holmes tried to move up into the mid-30’s, where there was a dearth of talent. Maybe Dorsey was in his ear like last time, to not over pay.

The man has earned our trust. We need OL help, but still, in Brad we trust.


Yeah I looked at the point chart and initially thought it was an overpay, but we were probably competing for the Boys pick and they held the cards. I don’t think anyone prior to the draft would have a problem with a 3rd and 29 for Arnold.

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One of the guys that Holmes might’ve been looking at was Fiske IMO. I don’t think they were “in love” with a lot of the pass rushers in this draft and FIske might’ve been an exception.