Holmes tried trading up into the 30s

Figured this deserved its own thread.

He said this last night …

“But, we were actually making calls trying to get up into the high 30s and 40s. I kind of woke up with kind of an aggressive mindset, and there were some dudes still up there that we really liked and we were just trying to get them,” Holmes revealed. “But then, you’ve also got to look at, okay, these resources that you allocate to move up and the future capital and all that, we also have meetings about, ‘Okay, what’s that going to look like when this time comes next year?’ Or ‘Is that going to affect what we might have to do in the future?’ I try to be very, very mindful of not being a prisoner of the moment.”

First, I love that Holmes was able to balance his aggressive mindset with being mindful of the future. All it takes is one injury to wish you had an early pick the following draft.

Second, I wonder WHO the Lions valued when they tried to trade up into the 30s.

FWIW my money would be on someone like Jer’Zhan Newton. Top 30 visit and Holmes likes his big boys.


There were some outstanding prospects at the top of the 2nd round. It felt like someone moved up for nearly every pick from 32-40

I think they are happy with the corner though. Pick came in quickly.


As good as the first round went for us last night, the second round did not play out well for us with how the cards fell…IMO

Which means people were probably overpaying. Hence Brad pumping the brakes.

Can’t move up in the second without 3rds and 4ths. Detroit was picking too late in the round to get that high without using a SRP next year and #61.

Trading 3RP to Jags probably was second guessed a bit yesterday.


There isn’t a world where Terrion Arnold drops much further than that pick. And he was the best CB in the draft. My guess is Jax’s phone was on fire.


There’s so much about the man to love. The fact that Brad can eat just one potato chip and stop makes him superhuman. Chuck Norris can’t do that.



Panthers def were the benefit of it, got the Rams 2025 2nd from a trade back and then used the 5th they also got to move up and get Jonathan Brooks for Bryce

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Dejean (as Safety)


Probably the guys we liked most


Not that this is relevant here but I can’t imagine being a Panther fan right now.

Biggest clown in sports as the owner and they (effectively) traded D.J. Moore, Caleb Williams, Jalen Carter, Brenton Strange and a 2nd rounder next year for Bryce Young

Fitterer is one of the worst NFL GM’s Ever, and Dan Morgan is doing alot of work to clean up his mess. Its been a solid offseason for them overall, though they did have to overpay for both OG’s imo

Legette and Brooks, plus the Diontae Johnson trade really helps out Bryce, some Oline help and a TE (or another WR) would give Bryce everything they need.

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Unless you start draining future picks. Lack of middle round picks are hurting us.

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Not as bad as lack of starting CBs was hurting us


Kinda hard to assess as we got 2 in the off season. 100% in on Arnold. Had a bigger need elsewhere over Rakestraw. DC must see something he likes in Houston and/or Paschal

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Rakestraw will be a starter by year 3 that’s when Barnes & Iffy made big jumps


100% i would put down good money that it was for Johnny Newton


And Slay.

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