Holmes will be scouting the LFA next!


Playing the Michigan Panthers today this player From the Mexican Football League will be Holmes next project lol

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I’m expecting Holmes to locate, scout and sign Bigfoot. Guaranteed hall of famer once he learns some technique.

Plus you’d never see him coming… :wink:


Detroit needs an LFA team.
Actually, Alpena needs an LFA team.

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Trent Richardson played in the LFA in 2021-2022 lol

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Why not?

He already scouted the Star Wars universe to get Mehki Wingo.


One of the worst draft picks in history


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I am shocked this isn’t the plot of an early 90s movie

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Holmes went down there to scout the football league then ran into Kenny powers!


It should be… :joy::joy:

La flama blanca!
do yourself a favor and watch this. - HILARIOUS

Kenny Powers as a football player would be something… he’s got the arm for qb…but the intelligence level is sure to be a problem.

“Let the boy watch! So he can learn…” LOL

Haha Kenny Powers knows everything.

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Lions scouts the day brad decides to start taking a look at the players in the lingerie football league. :rofl:

As long as whoever they sign from there also brings back a Taco Truck then I say do it.