Holy sh$t. Kobe Bryant dead

Sorry, I know it’s a lions board but holy cow.


Just saw this and was on my was to Post

Just heard…wow.


One of the best NBA players of all time …Tragic for him and especially his family .

Such surreal news. RIP Mamba!

Unreal, I can’t believe it

Very sad

It is nice of them to show the smoldering wreckage. Just showing that the media cares…I guess…

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I feel very sick now.

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I live about 15 miles away from that site. It has been very foggy around here the last 48 hours. Very sad stuff

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Yeah that is terrible. Especially if the conditions were sketchy for low-level flying given the weather. Peace and prayers for all of the families involved. Just awful news

A legend

I’m hearing one of his daughters was on board? Tragic

Please tell me not true

Jesus, never say it can’t get any worse oh, because it can.


This is so awful to hear. His wife lost her husband and daughter in an instant. His other kids have to carry on without their dad and sister. RIP to a legend, and to all others involved in this tragic accident.