HOLY SHIT JERRY JONES gives Elliot $90 Million!

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I hope they still suck as a team but I needed him to sign, I took him my 3 best FF leagues

QB money for a RB? 10x more likely to get hurt than a QB too. Feels like a mistake (hoping it is too). Dallas is one of my least favorite teams.


QB money in 2012 maybe. That’s not even DE money anymore.

90 million isn’t DE money?? hey even if Dallas pays that over the next 3 seasons…that is paying Ezekiel Elliot 30 million per season . how many 30 million dollar RB’s do you know??? keeping in mind that is 30 million each season…?

Top DE are getting $100+ Mill contracts now.

$30 million RB…what the hell are you talking about? You’re making up stuff.

His deal is $90 million through 2026. Not sure where you are getting $30 mil/per year.

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Its more like WR money. Definitely not QB money.


They’re going to have to pay Dak Prescott the big QB money, no? And some of their other stars, including the guys on their OL, and I can’t see how they can do that. They’ll have 8 guys making the big bucks and 45 guys making the minimum or near it. In this day and age of free agency, you can’t keep good players if you don’t pay them.

Jones has spent billions on this team and he’s not going to throw the season away for $45M guaranteed. Zeke is no doubt the best RB in the league and their best player.

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All these previously cheap QBs are now going to be or have been getting paid and the cost of business in the NFL is continuing despite any of them winning the Superbowl.

He took care of La’El Collins a few days before paying Zeke. He’s previously taken care of Tyron Smith, Zach Martin and Travis Frederick. This offseason he took care of DeMarcus Lawrence and Jaylon Smith. Here’s what some of their bigger contracts look like right now, before paying Dak, Amari Cooper and Byron Jones.

LT Tyron Smith - 8 years $97M
OG Zach Martin - 6 years $84M
C Travis Frederick - 5 years $55M
RT/OG La’El Collins - 5 years $50M
RB Zeke Elliott - 6 years $90M
DE DaMarcus Lawrence - 5 years $105M
DT Tyrone Crawford - 5 years $45M
LB Jaylon Smith - 5 years $64M

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This is going to put them in bad cap finances in about 2 years . Their window will be closing once dak and amari get paid

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The window is definitely closing, but one thing they are showing the league is that you CAN afford to alot of your good players. The early days of the cap where one or two big contracts can completely wreck everything are gone.


Yup i agree . Look at the rams from last Year

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The Rams are another good example. People say “but look at the QB money!” And I get that. A QBs money WILL take up 2 good players money instead of 1. No doubt. But also look at what some of these teams are doing with the money. You can put alot of talented players on one roster with today’s salary cap.


IMHO, it catches up with you. You can backload contracts to build a super team now, but in a year or two down the road you got no cap room and you begin to lose the guts of your team to free agency. Plus one or two injuries to your superstars and you’re screwed, especially if they come back and can’t compete at the level they once did. The Lions paid megabucks to Stafford, Suh, and Calvin, and what did it get us? A couple of good years, but not even a playoff win. Some of that was due to poor coaching, injuries, etc., but if you’re paying big money to 6-8 guys then you’ve also got a bunch of minimum wage guys or nearly so playing somewhere on your team and as your backups. Which leaves your team vulnerable.

I would suggest you go to overthecap and take a good, hard look at each teams cap situation. Look at who’s getting paid, how much they are getting paid and how many players can be paid above a certain amount and still field a football team.

Things are not like they used to be. You can pay alot more players these days than you used to be able to. Jerry isn’t getting all of these players signed by pushing everything into balloon payments. The cap charges for these guys are largely flat.