Holy shit

We’re playing in the NFC championship on Sunday.


Just settling in, huh.
And, our team is battle tested and playoff proven.
Sunday is going to be a war!


It settles in every hour or so.


It’s a brave new world, my brother.
And, we lived to see it!:clap:


I saw the thread title and thought “yeah Nate’s not going to like that”, just to see that Nate was the one who posted it. :rofl:

There’s only one word in that title field that could make me sweat.

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Exactly what I woke up this morning thinking

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We won the division!

And we won a playoff game!

And then we won another playoff game!

Now we’re playing on Championship Sunday!

Our HC has a winning (unbeaten) record in the playoffs!

Our QB has a winning record in the playoffs!

Half of the roster only knows winning seasons in Detroit!

What the ■■■■ is going on?!


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“You were built for this shit”

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This will help to sit our starters on super bowl

Remember when we were one game away from being 0-16?
Now we’re one game away from the superb owl.

I feel good about our chances. In that I think we are 50/50 to be in the Super Bowl for Gods Sake

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Watching it with my dad who is a 49ers fan going back to the late 50s. Can you say, “awkward.”


I have to click on any topic with the headline “ Holy shit. “ What a ride this season has been so far I can’t believe it!

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This whole thing is just starting to settle on me, too. I had been so preoccupied with who, where and when with regards to seeding and opponent that our accomplishments were not really real.

We did win the north.
We did beat good teams on the way, including our own division foes who I really really want to writhe in pain for a lot more than this year.
We did beat Mic’d-Up Stafford in the opening round of the playoffs. MIC’D UP STAFFORD!!!
We did live out Dan Campbell’s introductory speech on the field 3-years to the day that he delivered it.
We not only played meaningful games in November, but December and January, too.

The noise is settling and the smoke is clearing… What an accomplishment this season has been! What a moment we have to embrace. For the first time as a Lions fan, contented, even knowing we’re on the cusp of something bigger.


He’s had his glory. This one’s for us!

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