Home grown bats

so our top hitters are all signed free agents. Yay. I realize baseball has turned into a pitchers game, again, but good lord we have so many top picks we couldn’t hit on ONE that can even sniff .300?

It’s frustrating for sure, but these guys are still developing. I fully expect that Green and Keith will become .300ish hitters when all is said and done.

It’s interesting, though, that with all those top picks, it looks like the 8th rounder skubal, and the 5th rounder keith seems to be the best (at least potentially with keith)

Development was the biggest issue under DD and Avila especially for hitters imo. Although to be fair to Avila, several of the young bats and pitchers were brought in by him; thankfully development is under Harris.

As one who follows the minors I think we will see, are seeing, that change under Harris and the new development group he has brought in. Folks from the Dodgers and Rays at the top will have an impact on hitters in the system and who they draft which we have already seen in the 18months that Harris has been with Detroit. Harris is really the big reason I am excited about the Tigers again.
There are several guys in the minors, all levels, to be excited about, and that includes Keith, Greene in Detroit. Tork will probably always be a .230-260 guy with 20-30HR’s.
Yet, baseball takes time unlike the other sports so, as @Weaselpuppy has said, need to go out and get a bopper deadline or this offseason.

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Trading away Paredes sure hurt. Dude has legit power.

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Eugenio Suarez for Alfreako Simon Part Deux…

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Or Willy Adamas for whatever b******* we got back from Tampa.


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