HOPEFULLY our strength & conditioning improves

I always saw our guys getting gassed before halftime , they looked out of shape, slow and soft to.

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That was the defense, and that was because they were on the field 74% of the first half. Seriously though, yeah, there were a lot of guys with open mouths and hands on the hips throughout games. I remember most all of that being defense, but I may be wrong. Hopefully a little more balance in terms of time of possession helps that.


Injuries too - feels like we are always injured far more than average teams. S&C coaches can help a ton.


Well Quinn did hire the guy the Patriots fired.


We eventually got around to firing him too. He definitely wasn’t good. I remember watching our offensive line get blown off the ball and pushed into the backfield consistently in every single game. Especially in preseason when there was no scheming and it was just man on man. That has to change.


Didn’t we hire the guy who trained Campbell and Glenn at Texas A&M?

don’t know about ‘far’ more but to some degree yes I agree.

i think that was because mattpat worked the snot out of them thru the week–my understanding from previous posts he was brutal and disrespectful of his men—

Idon’t have alot of info on the physical workouts, but I definitely remember the mental ones. And it goes back to what Cam said his experience was in New England. You go home every day mentally exhausted. Our players explained the same thing.

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This is the difference between a depreciating style of coaching and a “building you up” style coaching.
When I coach people, I don’t validate their stories, beliefs, identity…I validate their ■■■■■■■ soul. Talking about the strength of the human spirit, what you were born to do, who you are as a ■■■■■■■ MAN…and how that permeates everything you do…how it means the difference between ppl hearing your words and ppl feeling you heart through your words.

One of my clients told me… “I’ve never brought the thunder in the bedroom this way before.” LOL. Soooo much fun. I used football as a vehicle to teach my 7th and 8th graders how to be men. Not so ironically, they were in less (almost no) trouble…better grades, bigger smiles, walking with a sense of direction and ownership. It works with grown ass folks too, but it sure is fun to imagine the ripple effect of what that has on young humans. Help a 65 year old, and that’s awesome…aaaannnnnd…when you help a teen, there’s a LIFETIME of ripple effect on other ppl from how they carry themselves in the world.

People that go to work exhausted and proud from a hard day’s work sleep differently than ppl who are pressured and stressed into a chaotic exhaustion.

Happier wives, better sex, less anxiety, better sleep, more pride…the feeling that everything they do matters more. THIS, my brothers is why I believe in Coach Dan so much. I see our men being generally happier, more committed (to everything they do, each other, the team, their own actions, etc).

I’m loving this.
HIGH level accountability backed by love. Strength through love, my dudes!

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again I just go back to how unprepared we looked as well as how tired we looked and so many players looking winded early…proof enough to me that whatever the hell they were doing? it was wrong.