Hopes for the preseason (potential best case scenarios)!

#1 for me is health
2. Can’t wait to see Hoch, and hoping that he is what I think he is - among NFL’s best TEs
3. I have a feeling Bryant is going to be amazing, when coupled with the other DL we have.
4. Tavai is so far looking better than I expected him to, and I’m loving what I’ve been reading. One reporter said, they will have trouble justifying not having him on the field.
5. How big of a deal would it be, if Ty Johnson turned into a Jahvid Best-type player? (truly not expecting this, but fingers crossed).
6. IMO, best case scenario is an average O-line. Hoping that is the case.
7. Oruwariye & Harris both look to be guys that could eventually work out, but look super-raw, to me. To me, it looks like they depended on talent in college, but poor technique. I peg both as high ceiling dudes, but some risk, as IMO, the biggest difference between those who make it, and those who don’t is between the ears. Again, fingers crossed. They both are guys that like to come up and provide run support. Love that they both appear to have a nasty streak.
8. Our D will be uh-may-zing! I fully expect this. I don’t think we had a crapload of talent, and also had some obviously wrong pieces last year. Patricia is wicked-smart defensive mind. I firmly believe we will see lots of very well executed, highly elaborate, disguised coverages and blitz packages. This will be fun. Lots of pressure with the DL alone, as well as some “film room” interceptions. Smart coach that demands a lot of his guys. this should be fun.
9. Mathew returns to form, as he isn’t running for his life every play. We have upgraded RB & TE, while OL and WR will be a push. While Amendola/Powell are not = Tate, a lot of Tate’s production will be compensated for with the TEs, as well as increased effectiveness with play action (better run game).
10. Better OC should really help. I saw a report that talked about how much more pre-snap movement we had this offseason from last. Bevell will also have Mathew rolling away from pressure. Bevell is a huge upgrade from JBC
11. Agnew doesn’t have the most sure hands in the biz, but holy crap does he have speed and vision. Definitely a weapon, and also reported to be doing better as a CB and will provide nice depth there.
12. Reports are that Sam Martin is back! Before his injury, he was an absolute weapon

Thoughts? What are you guys seeing?

First off, I’m super excited about this year for some reason. There’s a feeling that pieces are starting to fall into place.
I just wish Quinn didn’t spend the first two years on Caldwell guys as we’re essentially two years behind where we should have been. Even though he did, we came out with some serviceable players that crossed over nicely.
A few things on my wish list.

  1. Health, health, and more health.

  2. I want the back 7 to be the force they should be given the additions along the line.

  3. Tavai jersey. I want one bad… From the reports he should be around a long time if he stays healthy. A bigger, faster, polynesian, version of Chris Spielman. Nothing wrong with that at all.

  4. The offense to gel. It seemed too often that the offensive line ran the plays in reverse, closing lanes on run plays and opening holes on passing plays. They tried so very hard but one could tell both the coordinator and coaches were not on the same page. It showed.

  5. Mr. Stafford now has all the pieces in place and finally the makings of some sort of run game. Here’s to hoping he has more than 1- 2 seconds in the pocket to allow stretch plays to develop. If they do, we could be watching a magical year.

  6. Tight ends being used as they should be. Nuff said.

  7. U.N.P.R.E.D.I.C.T.A.B.L.E…

  8. Hoping Detroit becomes a coveted destination rather what it always has been. We may be seeing the beginning of that in Flowers and company.

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Tavai shows up like this, and Quinn will be the next one renegotiating a contract! So far, so good! Can’t wait to see what they all actually look like on the field.

Quinn was just extended to align with Patricia’s contract…He signed a 5 year deal last February.

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I grew up when Defense, a good running game, and good two way TE play was the way of the NFL. I’ve never really liked the -throw the ball all over the field- kind of football that the NFL has become. So, with that said, I’m looking for:

  1. Just how good can this Defense actually be? The Dline is looking like it will be fun to watch all season long. We have 4 starting LBs all looking to improve their play over last season, with Tavia looking to make his mark as a rookie. The D backfield should be strong with Slay and Diggs returning, Walker looking like the real deal, the addition of veterens Melvin, Colmen, and Andrews, hopefully an NFL worthy Tabor, and an unrelenting pass rush this unit should play well.

  2. The running game. KJ, CJ, ZZ, and maybe TJ together look like an NFL worthy RB unit on paper. I am hoping to see it play out on the field.

  3. TEs. On paper this looks a lot like old time football… I grew up watching some of the best TEs ever to play…Mackey, Sanders, Casper…too many to name them all. So, I’m anxious to see what they can bring as a unit, but I’m really interested in Hock and his ability to adjust to the pro game…the guy looks to be a beast, and if he is at all close to being that, this year’s Offense will be plenty successful.

  4. Health.

Lions 11-5 season.

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If we’re just talking about preseason, then…

  1. In years past, I’d be all about hoping to get through it without any major injuries. But after what we allowed the Jets to do to us last season, in the first game coming out of preseason, I want to see this team prepared to battle from game 1 on. No coddling. No treating the first teamers with kid gloves. Get your starters identified and give them some good minutes.

  2. Doing all it takes to avoid injury has fallen to #2 for me. And really, in my mind, the only devastating injury that would really put our season at risk would be a major injury to Stafford. Having Snacks, Slay, or Kerryon go down would definitely suck, but I wouldn’t feel like the season is lost if one of those guys went down.

  3. So again, I want to see the preseason used as a time to get our starters ready to play, and not putting a priority on trying to figure out which bubble players to keep, or keeping our talent on the bench because we’re afraid of them getting injured.

Other than that, I’d like to see a Defense that shows good against the run, a scheme that’s getting pressure on the QB, a LB crew that shows an ability to work through traffic and is quick to react and get in on the play.

I want to see if Walker is going to live up to the hype, and a #2 CB position that isn’t looking like a complete liability.

On offense I hope to see an OL that can finally impose its will at the LOS and open some running lanes. I hope to see Stafford sharp and in sync with his receivers, and super interested to see how we’re going to employ our completely revamped TE group.

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Good point about getting starters ready vs just figuring out which bubble players will make it. Patricia comes from a place where the HC has been in place for over a decade, and they’re still running the same system. In that situation, every vet on the team would coach up new free agents and rooks. The situation he walked into, our vets were learning right along with the rooks, and there wasn’t nearly the continuity that he’s used to seeing. I’m guessing he’s figured that out (hoping so, anyway).

Let’s see this OL stay healthy and actually protect their teammates. Good gawd that group has sucked.