How about this scenario

If all receivers are taken , Broncos trade with lions and get fields and we get lance at #9 overall and a high second rounder from Denver

I’d hate it. You can probably tell why.

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The big 3 WR’s and Pitts gone before 7?

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One of the three WRs will be there at 9.

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With having the cap space we do I am wondering if on certain trade downs if we could get a player instead of draft pick

An example we will use washington

To move down to 19 would probably take 2022 1st and their 2nd maybe more

Instead we get the 2 1sts and maybe allen(last year of his deal no dead cap if they trade him)

This was the part I was being playfully skeptical about.

Ah, my bad. I just can’t see anyway that happens. I guess Carolina going WR is theoretically possible

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I’d be perfectly fine with that.

I am fine with it too . This is similar to lion trade down to Cleveland , Cleveland got Winslow , lions got Roy Williams and a second round I believe . I wanted trey lance more than a reciver , I will take lance in a heart beat

Oh no my trey lance gone , next Patrick mahomes

Rich Eisen just named the QBs Trey Lance is going to have to face twice a year, and he named Matt Stafford FIRSTbefore Russell Wilson.

Location means everything sometimes.

Fields will be available for us now, chase and lineman Sewell will be gone

most of us knew that. NY/LA are what matters to the media. It’s almost like the rest of us in between don’t even exist.

I liked how every high profile potential player move was met with “oh he’d be a great fit with the Jets” even when it would be a terrible situation for the player.

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Sewel will be picked by Miami ,we need to pick fields , I know lions will pick somebody else

we didn’t really waste any time before turning our pick in

If team trade what happen to the fan sitting in commissioner chair, get lost