How Detroit Lions plan to replace injured C.J. Gardner-Johnson

I kind of want to see what Stevie Gilmore can do at CB.


kind of wish we kept Starling now


I’m glad to see someone else think that Walker is a better box safety.

right. biggest mistake of the 53 man roster, imho.


I heard CJ Moore is a free agent! :wink:

Bly is coming in, boys. We will shift to s, cuz bly is gonna pick some fools

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The nfl really needs to let coaches play. Especially if you have injuries during the game. 2 corners go down, here comes the DB coach. haha that would be some entertaining shit.

I played in a semi pro league where you could have up to 2 player/coaches. So much fun.

Dre-day MFrz

Why not? That’s how it used to be at the start of the league.

Judge Dre?