How did Detroit Lions pull off stunner? They've got the right DNA, and real good players

Let’s start with the opening.

Every thief needs an opportunity, and here it came: The Chicago Bears had the ball on a third-and-7 from the Detroit Lions’ 23, and they went conservative — thank you, thank you, thank you — running the ball to set up a field goal, content to hold onto a 26-14 fourth-quarter lead.


At that moment, Lions quarterback Jared Goff sensed an opening, like a thief peeking through the crack in a door, seeing the diamond jewel left unguarded.

“They kick the field goal, you think, ‘OK, they’re letting us have a chance to win this with two touchdowns. Sounds good,'” Goff said after the Lions’ thrilling, epic, stunning 31-26 win on Sunday. "You see that path to winning there at the end.”

The Lions took that path all right, and they stole this game from the Bears.

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I think conservative was a good plan. Their defense produced 3 TO’s. And they weren’t playing bad. We just waiting until the very end of the game to remember Monty was on the team and that JaMo remains someone you can throw a deep ball too (if you can throw it hard enough)

We expect to win now

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Lions to the Bears:

Stone Cold Steve Austin Stunner GIF - Stone Cold Steve ...

Lions to the doubting Thomases

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So if I was a Bears fan I would 100% question that 3rd down pass allowing the clock to be stopped. Either the Lions would have had to burn their last TO or let the clock burn down to 2:10ish.
I see this all the time. Either commit to burning clock or commit to getting 1st down. But when teams try to do both they tend to do neither.
The Lions scored with 29 seconds left. Not saying that it changes the game but it changes the game…LOL.

yep I’ve noticed we stay aggressive. the first downs run clock so don’t worry about the clock just get the first downs.

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Lions ended the game like


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