How do you delete your account?

cannot find it

Had enough already?

Why what’s up? Once football gets going things will get better, at least I hope they do.

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My post was deleted about inner city crime. WTF???

The mods are trying their best. I’ve had things deleted as well. It’s good to have different thoughts. I’m sure you could address them. Super nice guys

Yeah. They allow guys posting pics of deer they just shot. jesus

Not sure what to say to this. Deer season is a holiday in MI, for all practical purposes.

And ridiculously handsome. :wink:


Please understand that it’s a big no no to openly complain about moderation. This is a rule violation and has never been allowed on this forum or just about any forum.

If you’d like an explanation on why your post was removed than please ask. Most likely it violated a rule or was off topic.

If you’d like to have your account removed than just message a mod and we can assist you.