How does Matt Eberflus not get canned tomorrow?

Bears had that game in hand. They’d been running well. They had been successful getting 1st downs. They were facing a gassed defense.

And he gets the ball before the 2 minute warning only to call some of the worst plays for that situation, taking almost no time off the clock and giving Detroit plenty of time to come back and score for the win.


Staley as well


Yeah I was very much expecting a fake hand off and have Justin fields run it for a first at the end there. I’m glad he didn’t do it!


Hard pass action a few times and throw it to Moore ends the game and they didn’t do it once


He has tiny balls. Smooth, like a Ken doll.


I actually think the pass was on the money too. That WR hesitated for a split second

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It went right through his hands for sure, or just through his fingers. I thought the same when I saw the replay

How many times have we seen the Lions play the same game the Bears did today just to blow it at the end.


We couldn’t stop Fields. So glad they didn’t give it to him! Yeah, they were throughly out-coached. Its not often you lose the turnover battle by 3 and still win the game.

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Such a strange decision. I have to imagine that wind played a factor. Eberflus was like:

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I think Eberflus is doing a fantastic job for us.


Bears benefit by keeping him and losing more now. Don’t want team rallying by any chance.

Now chargers…

Guess losing to lions is trouble this year for coaches.

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He was just following the script

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Same old bears

They had their guy open deep for the Dub, Fields just overthrew him

I really liked Tyler Scott coming out. I thought he might be one of the Lions targets in the draft.

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Night is still young…

How long was it when LVR canned their OC?

I had resigned us to giving up a first down because I imagined the same scenario, OR an option where Fields pulled another rabbit.

(Which they tried and he handed off)

Eberflus is rightfully getting annihilated on Twitter, and his postgame presser where he seemed to blame Fields was a bad look.

As great as the comeback was, he helped immensely.


Why call time out on the 1? If they dont. Lions either down ball to stop clock anyway or run it in quickly. Either way little time maybe a couple seconds come off clock. Well if they had that 3rd time out the lions would have needed a first down or to punt with seconds left. A block punt or a return was a better situation than lions runs clock out.

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It was the next day I think