How does the bone get bruised?

During an injury like LaPorta’s. Also, which bone? Questions for the anatomy experts here…

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Don’t look at it as a typical “bruise” like a skin bruise. If there’s a trauma, it’s just a build up of blood or swelling (hematoma), which would be expected with a hyperextension. By definition, a “bruise.”


Got it, thanks :+1:

When the bullet hits the bone

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I bruised my bone before.

But I was single and lonely.


I’ll take a bone bruise all day over any of the other scenarios that could have happened.

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He’s lucky cuz that knee could’ve been torn up really bad.

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I got a bone bruise on my patella before through a contact injury. No real swelling but it feels like a constant pressure on the kneecap which took a couple of months to soften out. First few days I thought I had fractured my kneecap such was the pain/stiffness.

Even after that I would still feel tightness in my knee when doing a deep stretch for a long time.

SLP is a far tougher SOB than me with far better medical care - I wouldn’t see any reason why you couldn’t play through it

I got a bone bruise on my ribs before and the Doctor told me I was better off breaking them. Shit lingered for Months.

Yeah bone bruise is no joke - I also bruised my patella a long time ago, playing basketball - but coming back from it is mostly about pain tolerance. Mine was very, very low lol. Didn’t play again for like 2 months and it hurt for another 6.

Of course like you said these guys are some of the toughest in the world. Kelce only missed a week with a bone bruise. I doubt LaPorta plays this week but after that, we’ll see.

one time i got a bone bruise from xvideos

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What you described
And the level of trauma experienced and the level of use needed from it to perform at a high level

Made me think you provided every reason he might not be able to play through it. Or play to same level through it.

Repetitive trauma…

Bruised the bottom of my foot after jumping on a big rock. Took about a month without hurting

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