How Good Can Gibbs Get?

Gibbs definitely has the IT factor and looks poised to be one of the very top backs in the league. Can he be a HOFer? Can he finish with 12000+ rushing yards and 8000+ receiving? He’s the best we’ve had since Barry and I can’t believe we got him. If he can stay healthyish for the next 8 years I think he’s a definite lock to end up with a gold jacket. Just sayin’.


Not good enough to justify a first-round draft pick.

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Jahmyr Gibbs to Lions

Draft selection: No. 12 overall

No one is questioning Gibbs’ talent. He is CBS Sports’ No. 14-ranked prospect overall and the No. 2 running back in this class behind Bijan Robinson. This is more about positional value and whether or not you believe a running back should be taken in the top half of the first round in today’s NFL. Detroit decided to turn its head to the line of thinking and took the Alabama back with the No. 12 overall pick. CBS Sports NFL Draft Analyst Ryan Wilson didn’t even have Gibbs as a first-rounder in his final mock draft and was given a “D” grade by CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco precisely for the reasoning we illustrated. There were talented players on the board who play positions much harder to identify later in the draft, so this was a puzzling decision here by the Lions even if Gibbs is as talented as they come.

Overall Detroit Lions grade: F

Yeah, an F. Perhaps this take will get Old Takes Exposed in two or three years as a laughably bad take, but as things stand right now the Lions’ draft class was just baffling. Taking Alabama running back Jahmyr Gibbs with the 12th overall pick in a year that they signed David Montgomery felt extremely rich. Even taking Iowa tight end Sam LaPorta with the 34th overall pick over Notre Dame’s Michael Mayer was a head-scratcher. Gibbs and Campbell made up the most shocking first-round picks in quite some time, and not in a positive way. Hopefully for Lions fans, this take ends up wrong. To put it nicely, they had an unorthodox strategy in the 2023 NFL Draft.


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With the exception of punter or long snapper, I’ll take any HOFer at any position at #12OA and not look back.


Holmes knows what he is doing.


As a runner what you see is what you get which is looking really impressive.

Where he can improve most is run blocking and becoming more of a threat in the passing game.

I think he has a ton to grow in the passing game which is a good thing.


5.7 yards per carry he’s up to now. Might be the most explosive RB in the NFL.

How many times did Barry average 5.7 yards per career in his career?


I tried to tell my Son this very thing. He kept telling me I was crazy.

Im not though, and neither are you.


Not a fair comparison, Barry ran for a lot of negative yards because he was getting fed way more as the only serious threat the Lions had in some of those seasons.

Barry Sanders was the king of rushes... both positive and negative - Pride Of Detroit.


Was looking at Gibbs and Monty combined…

Something like 1650 yards rushing 17 TDs and a 5.3 yard average. Wow and they both missed a few games. Plus another 400 yards receiving

Best RB duo in the nfl


I think he can be CMC good :person_shrugging:
I know it’s really too early to say for sure, but he can do everything McCaffrey can do at this point, he’s just limited to less touches.

If I had to put Gibbs anywhere on a list of RBs who are elite level playmakers with a complete skillset, he’d be right next to CMC.

The future is super bright with this kid, and maybe I’m just homering a bit. But he certainly has the ability to be recognized as a top 2-3 RB in this league.

With that said, I love the combo of Gibbs and Monty, and believe that dynamic has helped both players to succeed to this point so far.


Wasn’t really meaning to compare them. Totally different style backs. Was just pointing out how elite 5.7 yards per carry is

Monty also a full yard higher average this season than his career average.

Credit to the O line big time


For sure. I know it’s been said many times before but just imagine Barry behind this line.

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Gibbs is a stud. Well worth the 12th pick. It blows my mind how some of you can’t see how insanely good he is.

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And his style. Barry ran in a you have to spend money to make money sort of way.

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I like the Kamara comparison.

Kamara is a better pass catcher or more prolific at least but that may not have been the case when Kamara first came in the league. I just do not remember exactly that part of his game early on.

You have to grab game changers and play makers when ever you can. That is why the 2023 draft was so cray good for the Lions in my opinion. 3 of the first 4 picked are all show play maker abilities. Campbell is not progressing as quickly but that does not mean he will not get there. His length and instincts are rare he just needs to learn the pro game and hopefully he can turn the corner.


More Jamaal Charles than Kamara IMO. Gibbs has way, way more juice than Alvin did but is 15 pounds lighter.