How good is this offense?

There’s another post discussing the defense, which I think is being over-valued on this board currently. But I’m far more optimistic about the offense. Without guiding the direction of the topic one way or the other myself - what do YOU think of the state of the offense currently? Obviously we still have the draft, and we’ll discuss plenty more after that’s happened, but let’s assume the heavy lifting has been done already (leaving room for some additional transactions and housekeeping).

In my honest opinion, it depends on 2 things.

  1. Anthony Lynn’s creativity as a playcaller
  2. What they do with the 7th pick

The floor is average, the ceiling is top 5.


Right now without many WR options I am concerned.

If Lynn can get a run game going and we draft a good WR or two then I like our chances to be above average.

That’s what I meant by correctly utilizing the 7th pick. You and I both believe in Smith to be a great NFL reciever. That’s who I personally think we’re going to take, and Smith/Swift/Prime Hockenson and a top 12 line is a recipe for success.


For me it’s the same as with the defense. Remains to be seen. I’ll have an opinion after the draft. Fix the right side of the OL and WR and I’m pretty optimistic as well.

I don’t however expect the difference in coaching in that side of the ball to be as dramatic. I think Bevell was competent whereas that defensive staff was all time awful. That’s why so many of us think the defense can surprise. Getting rid of the rocket scientist should really help.


at a guess B- .

Do we get ‘17-‘18 Goff, ‘19-‘20 Goff or something in between?

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Top 5 ceiling? With a much better QB, and a good veteran wr core, our passing game was 10th. Our run game was 30th. Losing stafford, golladay and jones and replacing them with a mediocre QB and 2 washout wrs? We will have a top pick to potentially spend on offense… but whoever it is will be a rookie. I’m thinking at best we will be like 16th. League average.

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How much better though?

A lot. Golladay and jones are a lot better than Williams and perriman too. We also lost depth on the line. This offense is far from being good. I’m guessing we will play it close to the vest and hope to keep games close.

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With the current WR corps?

Bottom third of the league.

To those that doubt what I said, I don’t think you realize just how good T.J. Hockenson is going to be next year.

Can he play 4 different WR positions at the same time? Because right now they have nobody.

Probably 2, yeah.

Based on the eye test? Just the compensation that LA gave up to get Stafford?

I prefer Stafford as well but I’m unsure of just how big the gap actually is. Goff has played at an equally elite level at times.

As for WR, wait for the draft. What if we add Waddle and somebody like Terry in round 4?

I’d easily take TW, BP, Waddle, Terry, Raymond and Cephus/Ratley over (Four games of KG), MJ, DA, Cephus and Sanu.

JW is really going to help this offense as well and we may end up having a much improved OL if we take advantage of the stellar tackle class.

I think Smith, Chase or Waddle drastically change the quality of this receiving group but I like Smith the best because I think he’s a difference maker. I also think there’s some good options round two if we go Defense round one

I see Parsons as the real difference maker on the defensive side. There’s some quality defensive players I like round two as well if we go WR round one.

Either way we decide to go I’m good with … It’s Smith or Parsons at 7OA for me.

Trade down for Waddle. Ok I can live with that too if the price is right. I also think this is a strong possibility too.

But one things for sure. This offense is going no where without more receiving talent. I think we need two of them.

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Do you dislike Chase?

Right now I think we are an above average run team with a lot to be desired in the passing game. Swift and Hock should be the focal points. If we add a top OT in the first I think we may be a top 5 run team. Sewell/Slater and Toney/Moore with our first couple picks could be huge.

Jamal Williams is the first big time #2RB we’ve had since Bell and I think the Swift/JW combo is better than Bush/Bell.

This WR class can fix us up nice and good if we indulge. I don’t think one guy is enough though.