How lucky is Duron Harmon?

Not taking anything away from the guy, but I decided to watch some highlights. He’s very opportunistic, great awareness in the heat of battle. But I can’t believe how many times he got picks from deflections and just pure lame duck throws. I hope he’s as fortunate in Detroit.


That was a heck of a watch. Some his catches are crazy awesome with fantastic reaction times.

Sometimes just being in the right spot IS your job.


The definition of “safety help” lol. He definitely puts himself in position to make plays.


He has an awareness for sure.
He’s made a living off deflections.
Hope it continues.
Good find.


This guy is king of the tip drill


It’s like he gets the idea of a rebound in basketball- it’s all positioning off of good instincts and knowing the enemies habits

I’d rather be lucky than good any day.

Harmon does two things well. He has good ball awareness and he puts himself in position to make plays.

The rest of his game isn’t spectacular but he will be an upgrade over Harris.

Hopefully he continues to be a ball hawk. We really need that.


Diggs got ONE of those in Seattle and it was PROOF he was amazing, and a total idiot move by Quinn.


Larry Bird was a great rebounder and he had a 2" vertical.

Saw the court SO well. Mentally tough. High level of athletic intelligence, not to be confused with athleticism. High-level understanding of spacial awareness, body awareness, angles, judging time, distance…of what his capabilities were, of what the opponents capabilities were. He had more confidence than he probably had a right to…which gave him the right to it. He outplayed his level of skill by a mile. Extremely cerebral player who saw things better than almost all other players.

Bird might be the most shining example of this that exists, given his lack of physical ability. Think Teez Tabour in HOF. LOL


Duron “Room Service” Harmon

I read an article on Bird years ago about is preparation. He would go the court several hours early and dribble the ball on every square of the court to get a “feel” for how the ball reacted to that particular space. Amazing prep and also amazing that he was able to translate that awareness into live action. Dennis Rodman spent hours of film studying his opponents foot work - part of the reason he was so good at rebounding - even when giving up a height advantage. Greatness is not just about physical traits. The truly amazing athletes are those who have the physical attributes and also the work ethic and mental toughness to continue to get better. But some are so good at the one or the other that they still are able to translate that into greatness.


VaLionFan…I LOVE your point about greatness and I have been saying the same thing about Oudah in the thread about him.

Larry Bird was drafted 6th in 1978. Michael Jordan was not drafted #1. Hard to believe the work ethic and love of the game didn’t make Bird and Jordan #1 OA picks. But history is 20/20 so we always have to keep that in mind.

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I agree My - Okudah has the makings of the truly great ones. Hopefully all the parts click. His footwork is already elite - I know he will have a learning curve but I think he shortens it just because of his passion for film work and study.


Doesn’t seem that lucky if he got traded to the Lions.