How many games did Matt Prater win for us?

But what about the analytics Super Bowl? Who won that one? You are talking about trivial things like real life.

What are the betting odds on analytics champion of 2021?

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Lions lost the game… in real life.

They were playing a team that was #1 scoring offense the year prior and averaged 28.5 ppg in 1st 2 games before the Lions played them.

They were very conservative.
That’s all.

Jason Hanson had very few game winning FGs over a 21 year career (329 games). According to one source (Wikipedia), Hanson had 17 game-winning field goals in his career; eight in regulation and nine in overtime. Another source has him at 21.

In contrast, Prater had 11 in just 7 seasons (108 games) with the Lions.